Under New Leadership, Gump’s Looks to Recapture Old Magic


Solomon Grump started his family business in the early 1860s. The Gump family quickly established a reputation for getting luxury goods, and 150 years later the name still carries that expectation. But the business isn’t what it once was. Gone for a bit, but now Gump’s San Francisco is getting ready to reopen with a new leadership and a vision to match the future.

Anne Chachas, the Executive Vice President for Gump’s San Francisco praised the stellar reputation of the brand in a recent statement. It’s illustrative of a connection between what they sell and the clientele that frequents their locations. But Chachas is now focused on using a new leadership to refine the shopping experience at Gump’s and hopefully widen its appeal to more customers. See Related Link for additional information.

The Chachas are also reintroducing the idea of the family business. John and Diane Chachas have been invested in Gump’s for over a decade, but now they, along with their children Anne, Jack, and Christopher, the Chachas are looking to emulate the family business that built up the Gump reputation. It’s a management style supported by Solomon Gump’s great great granddaughter Antionette Gump.

The Gump brand has been a key source of jewelry, pearls, and jade prepared in countries around Asia. Their assortment of homewares, furnishings, and fine china also carry with it the same expectation of expert crafting and wide availability. While these luxury goods are still available in their New York location, San Franciscans will soon be able to resume shopping.

Anne Chachas went on to say that Gump’s San Francisco is expected to re-open its doors in time for the 2019 Christmas shopping season. This will come with an online presence that will make them more accessible to shoppers regardless of location.

For those looking to keep an eye on redevelopment up until relaunch can follow Gump’s San Francisco on social media, such as Instagram and Twitter and their page at www.gumps.com.


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