The Team Members At Empiricus Look Forward To A Future Marked By Increased Success


Empiricus is a financial analysis house that is based out of Sau Paulo, Brazil. The firm has become quite well known for the large readership base that it has built up with its daily newsletter known as the 5 Minute Market. This highly informative newsletter provides readers with the latest financial market analysis from the team at Empiricus.

The 5 Minutes Market has also been playing another major role for the Empiricus team. The readership of the newsletter is currently at 120 thousand but even more impressive is the fact that this readership is growing by some 25 thousand each month. It is due to this growth in readership that the team at Empiricus is convinced that their revenues will grow by 5 times this coming year. The fact is, the daily newsletter brings in readers and gets them interested in many of the other products that this dynamic investment analysis house provides.

There are many reasons why the Empiricus daily newsletter has such a strong pull on its readers and encourages further interest in the services and products from the firm. Among these factors are the laid back and relaxed manner in which the newsletter is presented to readers.

The team at Empiricus is not afraid to take on difficult stances and point out when analysis shows that a company’s market projections might not be accurate. This approach and attitude have helped the analyst team at Empiricus to attain a great deal of favor with readers.

Caio Mesquita is one of the founding partners at the Empiricus firm and he played a large role in developing the unique company culture and attitude that had helped lead to such success. His influence has played a big part in Empiricus attaining a well-deserved reputation for putting out brutally honest analytical reports that speak to those who read them and encourage further interest in the firm. Mesquita and the entire team at Empiricus are highly optimistic and excited for the future that lies ahead of them. Go Here for additional information.


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