The RealReal Travels The Globe With Chic Instagram Account

Fans of the popular app The RealReal have long been used to the satisfaction of finding the perfect Celine skirt or handbag to wear at that posh poolside event. But for those who can’t get enough of The RealReal’s easy glamour, there’s a new show in town – their popular Instagram account. Full of the same cosmopolitan, whimsical charm that made The RealReal a sensation, their Instagram shows pic after pic of chic models, fashionable bags, and whirlwind destinations.

Some of the pics depict locales from around the globe, shot in scenes of casual intimacy or sweeping expansiveness. In one pic, a young woman in a knee-length black dress and futuristic sneakers stands on tiptoe in the center of a Paris boulevard, peering at the rows of chic white buildings accented in black wrought-iron detailing which line the streets before her. In another image, the camera captures a shot of the iconic Hollywood Hills, with the famous HOLLYWOOD sign replaced by the words, THE REALREAL.

Other pics showcase The RealReal’s sleek, colorful fashions, capturing women in jeans and button-downs or broad-lipped straw hats against a brilliant sky. A particularly captivating shot depicts a model in a camel-colored turtleneck and a vibrant red lip, her messy hair chopped off at the chin. The centerpiece of the photo is a gigantic, architectural silver earring, dangling from her ear as she gazes sideways. The effect is poignant and impossibly chic.

For diehard fans of The RealReal, following their Instagram account is the perfect way to keep abreast of trends and stay inspired. The RealReal is a consignment store app for buying and selling used designer clothing. They are distinguished by a rigorous authentication process which ensures that only real items are sold. Most pieces sell for under $300 or above $1200.