The fashion trend that Fabletics has become

Kate Hudson is a darling to all of us and for many reasons. The fact that she has started a fashion line that is breaking all the records while providing us with great style and comfort in athletic fashion wear makes us love her even more. The clothing line, Fabletics is now three years old and is said to be bringing in profits to the tune of 250 million dollars. The star confides that having the idea is the simple part that the real deal comes when you have to convert those ideas into results, a process that makes many people give up before completion.

At the recently concluded summit on women in power, she discussed the merits and demerits of being an entrepreneur. She mentioned her excitement over the fact that her business had become as successful as it had in the three years that it had been open.

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She says it was almost astounding when the business picked up and got a religious like following sooner than they had anticipated. This may have thrown them off balance a little because they now had to catch up with a growing demand for the products on Facebook whose reception they had expected to be lukewarm at most.

The other great challenge that she got was the fact that being a celebrity, people held her on a high pedestal and seemed to expect no mistakes whatsoever from her business. One of the issues that created some heat was some people seeing Fabletics as a little discriminating to their specific body type and style. She confided that her hope had been to make a line that was all inclusive and that the team was still working on that.

Fabletics, which is headed by Don Ressler makes high quality work out clothes for men and women. The idea was to have people that love the gym lifestyle look fabulous when doing their workout. The clothes available on the store include sports bras and matching pants, yoga pants, signature outfits and other gym and workout clothes. Fabletics line has become a leading brand among the people that love the celebrity styled and versatile clothing types.

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  1. She said that when she was getting into business, she had a hunch that her idea was worth something, but all she could do was cross her fingers as she waited to see the type of welcome that it would get from the market. That alone has helped to come to terms with what is happening to them.

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