Successful Entrepreneur Nina Vaca Advances STEM Careers for Girls

Nina Vaca built one of the world’s fastest growing IT staffing companies starting with just $300 in cash. She was just 25 years old when she launched Pinnacle Group on a shoestring. Her primary business experience at the time was helping her sister run her father’s travel agency.

Today, because her international staffing agency works with so many companies hungry to find new talent with science skills, Vaca has become a major supporter of women in STEM. That stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Vaca has made significant contributions personally and through her philanthropic foundation to support young women seeking higher education in STEM sectors. Nina is a big benefactor of some incredible organizations that support girls as they consider and explore STEM fields from a young age. She believes deeply in encouraging young girls and women to enter college and major in a STEM field.

Another worthy organization that Vaca assists is the STEM Center of Excellence. It’s a program sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. It comprises a 92-acre facility with a laboratory where year-round research and learning is conducted with robotics, botany, coding, chemistry, and math. Working with young women and women of Latina heritage is Vaca’s way of giving back to the people of Texas.

Vaca’s Pinnacle Group has an international presence. In addition to several North American locations, her company operates in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina with service centers in Jordan, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.