Success Becomes Possible Via Self-Motivation According To Richard Liu


A successful career may lead a motivated professional down several different pathways over the span of several years. Richard Liu has found success in two vastly different field. His initial career in dentistry has led to a thriving career in the financial arena of capital investing.

An article with Geeks News entitled, “Richard Liu: Venture Capitalism For The Modern World”, discusses how Richard Liu’s work was a shining example of manifesting a successful and modern venture capital empire. In order to stand out within this highly competitive market, Liu understood the need to differentiate Morningside Venture Capital, and he did so through full transparency not often seen within the financial realm, and through a focus on investment in innovative thinkers.

Mr. Liu’s degree from the Harvard School of Dentistry has supported his professional ability to practice dentistry at Evergreen Dental Care. Excellent dental services were provided to all community members. He also prepared future practitioners by being a part-time lecturer at Harvard University. He taught restorative dentistry to Harvard students.

A main factor to Richard Liu’s success has been to remain self-motivation, and he has obtained the necessary knowledge to excel in all of his career choices. Liu’s work ethic and understanding of the importance of education was taught to him by his professional parents. A master’s degree in business administration from MIT has also helped him with learning key skills relevant to capital investment and business development.

Richard Liu has shown great interest in merging new technologies with traditional business models. Upon graduation from business school, Mr. Liu started his new career as an analyst working at CRT Capital. He currently holds a position at FTV Capital.

Richard helps start-ups with the venture capital needed to become successful companies. FTV Capital has secured many sound investment from the inception of this venture capital firm. Mr. Liu oversees daily operations and carefully helps with obtaining acquisitions. Another key to obtaining success in both career roles has been his take charge attitude.

An individual must garner the right level of education and experience to do well in any field. Career changers are provided with a clear outline of how a successful switch is possible. Certain skills are also transferable between jobs and fields, such as the ability to work autonomously.


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