Smita Shah Gives Advice For Rising Female Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is the founder, President, and CEO of engineering company SPAAN Tech, INC. Engineering and business are often seen as a male-dominated industry, and statistics support that idea. She rose to the top of her chosen industry regardless, and she has made it her mission to empower women across the world to succeed in whatever industry they choose. Learn more:

One of Smita Shah’s main focuses is on not letting cultural ideas affect how you view yourself. Almost every culture on Earth places restrictions on women, whether it be through laws or just societal notions. This not only affects the way female entrepreneurs are often treated but also the way women view themselves. She emphasizes that competency has nothing to do with gender. Women should not feel that they are not suited to achieve certain goals because of supposed female roles. Different cultures have different notions of gender roles, with some being more rigid than others. Women will have to keep these in mind, but not follow along to the point of detriment.

Women are often thought of as lacking the aggressive traits needed to succeed as an entrepreneur, and she says that sometimes they actually do lack them. For women to compete in these spaces, they may have to develop a more competitive side of themselves if they do not already possess it. Also, they need to demand respect. They cannot allow themselves to be treated differently, as this can relegate them to a lower status position. Often in highly competitive spaces, people will attempt to take credit for the achievements of others. Women cannot be timid in these situations. They must ensure that they receive what they deserve. 

Smita Shah gives some more general tips that can apply to anyone looking to be successful. Success requires vast amounts of time and hard work. Often as one becomes more successful, they take on more responsibilities and therefore have even less time. People in highly competitive fields, like a business, have to balance their time in a sustainable way. It can be easy to slowly become miserable and burnt out over time. She encourages people not to be afraid of allowing others in the company to share the workload if necessary. If people manage their time and ensure their needs outside of their career are met, then they can truly be happy.

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