Seymour Segnit’s Journey to the MAGFAST Charger


There are some people who make it big by following in the footsteps of what is popular, and there are others who actively seek to go against the waves of life. These are individuals who believe life can always be improved upon and a new path forward can emerge.

Seymour Segnit is someone who has taken that spirit to heart through his entire life. From his childhood in Europe to his later years in the States, Seymour Segnit has always pursed a vision of forward thinking. The MAGFAST Charger is the most recent example of his passion bringing something new to life. He explains how the product works in a recent interview with Ideamensch.

Before explaining how to use the product, Seymour Segnit expands on his thinking behind how the idea came into his head. Like many other consumers, he was plagued with owning too many devices and too many cords in his household. Get More Information Here.

Charging products was becoming more frustrating than it should be for a 21st century society. This was the birth of wireless charging through a product known as MAGFAST. It would use modern technology to charge all devices in a swift and efficient manner. Electronic users should no longer have to worry about what happens to their cords.

When looking at the future, Seymour Segnit becomes increasingly excited by the boundless potential that exists within the technological industry. He is particularly curious to see how autonomous cars push driving to a new frontier. Cars will be able to drive themselves which could reduce human error in traffic jams and give older individuals a chance to get out more frequently. Refer to This Article for more information.

Seymour Segnit cites emotion as the most valuable human trait. A consumer often does not use logical thinking when buying a product, but rather emotion to fill a personal desire.


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