Rebel Wilson & Her Lead Role in ‘Isn’t It Romantic’

The highly anticipated rom-com dubbed, isn’t it romantic, is slated premiere both in theatres and on Netflix this coming February 14th. And needless to say, we are all super excited and it is so for quite a number of reasons. For starters, the movie has a star-studded cast, writers as well as crew and among them is everyone’s favorite Aussie girl Rebel Wilson. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The rom-com is about an Aussie girl called Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who is a successful New York architect. Natalie’s world then comes to a screeching halt when she gets involved in an accident and is forced into a pg-13 world where she has to fall in love in order to break free from the fantastic world. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Apart from the super talented Rebel Wilson, other stars who will appear in this movie include Jennifer Saunders, Tom Ellis, Adan De Vine, Betty Gilpin, Liam Hemsworth, and the Indian beauty Priyanka Chopra. The highly-anticipated movie was written by Dana Fox and Erin Cardillo and was directed by the multi-faceted Todd Strauss-Schulson.

Rebel’s Early Life

Thought incredibly hard to believe, Rebel Wilson was at one point a very timid girl. Despite hailing from a pretty much well-knit family, and a humorous one for that matter, Rebel Wilson also had a big issue when it came to expressing herself in public. But thankfully, she made a conscious decision at the tender age of 15 to overcome her shyness.

With the help of her loving mother, close family, and her then high school teacher Mrs. Bowmaker, rebel Wilson managed to come out of her shell. Wilson has described the process as a slow but gradual one. She later joined Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program when she was 17 and spent a year there.

She later joined the University of New South Wales but it was in the Australian theatre for young people that Rebel Wilson got the chance to really sharpen her thespian skills. She was later featured in some local movies before catching her big break in Hollywood after her audacious move back in 2010. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why The Plus-Size Beauty Is Perfect For The Role

If Rebel Wilson’s background is anything to go by, then she is without a doubt the perfect cast for Natalie’s character. She is a strong Australian woman who believes in her wit and that makes her perfect for the role as Natalie has the same characters. Needless to add, Rebel Wilson is extremely talented, meaning that she is most certainly going to hack that character.

Despite being openly big and beautiful, Rebel Wilson has on so many occasions reiterated that she uses her wit to get roles and not her body, a motto that has earned her not only adoration but a ton of respect as well. Rebel Wilson is also heralded for her undeniable chemistry with other actors irrespective of the movie they are doing. And that’s exactly why we are all expecting her to ‘kill’ this character when the movie finally premiere.