Paul Herdsman Gets Away With a Rod or a Golf Club to Recharge His Business Engine


When Paul Herdsman needs some downtime, he grabs a fishing rod and heads out to sea. His love of fishing was sparked at age six when his mom and dad gave him a fishing rod for Christmas. He said that from the first day he went out to give his new rig a try, he was hooked, pardon the pun.

Today Paul Herdsman is a man who knows the value of getting away from the rigors of running a vibrant, growing and successful business.

He is the founder of NICE Global, a Jamaica-based outsourcing company that provides and an array of solutions and services to dozens of clients.

NICE employees handle phone banks and internet-based communications platforms at they provide their clients with services like customer relations, troubleshooting, inbound sales, customer retention, data analysis, IT helpdesk support and much more. Go Here for additional information.

Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica but today makes his home in Florida. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he earned an MIS in business. His first job after college was working for JM Family Enterprises. He then went on to serve as Business Development Director for iS3, Inc. in Daytona Beach. After more than seven years with iS3, Paul Herdsman took the plunge and launched his own business, ATS Digital. He built that firm into a success and operated it for some seven years.

He founded NICE Global in 2014 and serves as COO of his Montego Bay, Jamaica firm.

In addition to fishing, Paul Herdsman is an avid golfer. Thankfully, he lives in Florida where golfing and fishing are practically a way of life if one has the time to make it so. But for Paul Herdsman, getting in downtime is a productivity strategy as much as it is a time to recharge. He said some of his best business ideas come to him while dangling a rod or swinging a club.


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