Neurocore Solution for Optimal Performance

Seasons ago, Kirk Cousins, pro football quarterback, found himself struggling with his performance which caused him to miss out on opportunies. Kirk realized that to solve this problem, he would need brain training. Ironically, around the same time, the Portland Trail Blazers were experiencing the same thing, poor performance that caused them to lose many games. This team discovered the same thing that brain training would be the solution. Because of Biofeedback, there have been an improvement involuntary functions.

Mark Murrison, CEO of Neurocore, Mark is very passionate and dedicated to serving his clients with his knowledge and expertise and compassion for Mental Health Issues. Mark views mental health differently than the taboo that if one has mental health issues that they are either broken or sick. Neurocore views the brain the same way one views the body that is experiencing symptoms and injuries. If you are experiencing heart problem, you would visit a Cardiologist. Neurocore Assist clients with systems such as ADHD, stress, sleep disorders, migraines, depression, ASD and anxiety.

Neurocore is a leading company with a brand new, approach to improving mental health. With their advance technology and neuroscience discoveries, Nerocore assist their clients by improving the way the brain functions and the way the brain performs which allows the client to reach their full performance capacity.

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