Neurocore Provides Medication Free Options to Improve Brain Performance


Parents know that helping a child with ADHD is difficult and defined by a regimen of medications that can have serious side effects. Neurocore, a company based out of Boca Raton, Florida and Livonia, Michigan has created a new way of helping those with ADHD and other memory issues that has delivered results showing a reduction in medication for 75% of children who participate in the entire program. Medication-free is critical with vulnerable persons, such as children and the elderly. The techniques used are also proving to be applicable for those seeking to improve brain strength and memory without a medical impairment.

Using a mix of bio and neurofeedback techniques, children are taught to control videos by developing skills to calm their minds and bodies. Videos will only play if the child is maintaining levels of breath and pulse control that are monitored by sensors they wear while engaging with the Neurocore game.

Science has long known the benefits of developing control over the physical responses of stress in the body for improving focus and attention, but until Neurocore there hasn’t been an effective approach to teaching children how to master these skills. Read This Article to learn more.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers don’t just help children with ADHD, their approach is applied to help with adults and teens with the disorder, those with memory issues, athletes seeking to improve performance and can be effective with Alzheimers too. The emphasis is on drug-free methods to improve brain strength using proven neurofeedback techniques. The difference and reason Neurocore is successful is the technology they have developed to help people master the techniques. Visit This Page for additional information.

Neurocore also offers an at-home version called Thrive. This mobile platform allows users to follow the program designed from the assessment done by Neurocore professionals. For athletes, those seeking memory improvement, and those looking to maintain the gains achieved from sessions in their Brain Performance Centers it can be the medication-free game changer they are looking for.


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