Neurocore Is Driving Change In Brain Dysfunction


Mental dysfunction has long been treated with medication and psychotherapy. Physicians have been more than willing to assign labels to their patients and treat those labels pharmacologically. Hope is here for patients who desire to break this cycle and retrain their brains to function more normatively.

Neurocore is leading the way to this revolution in brain dysfunction treatment. They look at a number of factors to assess how to treat each patient. They use Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to determine the best route for each patient. Charting brain waves can aid in identifying faulty brain function and then treat it.

Neurofeedback is a revolutionary way to treat brain issues offers a viable third means to successful outcomes. No longer do patients have to sit through hours of psychotherapy nor look forward to a life of nonstop medication. Neurocore harnesses the brain’s ability to learn new behaviors and adapt to them.

Tim Royer is a former neuropsychologist who sought out less intrusive means to treat behavioral health issues. He believes that the brain can be taught to respond to certain stimuli differently. That is why he founded Neurocore in 2004. It was first located in Livonia, Michigan. Today there is also a location in Boca Raton, Florida.

The whole concept behind what Neurocore does is the use of electrodes. It is noninvasive and charts the brain waves, breathing and heart waves of the individual. This type of treatment also offers the benefit of having zero side effects associated with it. The average patient goes through a minimum of 30 sessions in order to experience long term impacts on their behavior. See Related Link for additional information.

Neurocore can aid patients with a number of different ailments. Among those include ADHD, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, ASD, depression, and migraines. Patients who experience PTSD as well as memory issues have also greatly benefited from Neurocore treatment. Find Additional Information Here.


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