Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Uses New Technology to Restore Mental Health

Unlike other disorders such as diabetes, mental health is not addressed in many hospitals or health care centers. Thus, seeking treatment for mental disorders is very challenging. Other hardships associated with mental disorders include social stigma and high healthcare costs. If the ailment has progressed, it may be difficult to take the first steps or initiate recovery.

Some of the treatment methods available utilize psychotherapy or medication or both. Scientific advancements have made pharmaceutical and psychological treatments effective. However, some people fear the possible side effects of these treatment options and others who do not get better with the procedure.

Scientists have discovered that modern neuroscience has proved there is a third treatment option, neurofeedback, which utilizes the power of the brain to treat mental disorders. Neurofeedback treatment option has no side effects on the patients. According to modern neuroscience, the brain can learn and improve in performance based on the information it gets from the environment.

Neurocore uses neurofeedback to treat mental ailments such as depression migraines, autism, ADHD, sleep disorder, anxiety, and sleep problems. A stronger brain cell can correct any brain disorder. This is why Neurocore uses the same method to treat all brain problems.

Disorders like depression, ASD, and ADHD have very different symptoms. However, the impact of these ailments to the brain are similar. Neurofeedback aims at identifying the impact and then trains the mind to deal with it. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or depression, the process of treatment is the same.

First, the client wears a hat that is designed the electrical activities of different parts of the brain. The nurse will create a personalized brain map which shows the brain activities. Brain maps are essential in furthering the diagnosis of mental disorders as the doctor can see the mismatch in electrical activities. Once the brain map is created, neurofeedback training begins. Clients are allowed to watch movies of their choice as their brain activity is being monitored. With time, the patient learns how to focus, and the brain functions improve.

Neurocore offers home-based treatment options which allow the clients to get mental treatment at the comfort of their homes.

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