Michael Nierenberg Views on Work Ethics and Productivity in Real Estate

Last year, 2018, was one of the best years for New Residential Investment Corp. The company was one of the best performers in the stock market apart from being one of the companies that had one of the best returns. This impressive performance in 2018 by this company is pure because of its effective management, led by Michael Nierenberg. This explains the reason why the company CEO graced several investment magazines around the world. In all the interviews, Nierenberg was vocal on the reasons why his company had a perfect trading year. In one of the interviews, he pointed out that they, as a company, have embarked on a policy-redesigning journey and these changes helped the company to achieve the numbers.

Just like other markets, real estate as a market needs a company that is aware of the trading realities. Michael Nierenberg understands that for this company to be competitive, there is a need for changes in approaches. This perspective made the company follow some of the wisest decisions in the world of investment primarily in expanding their influence in the market. Pundits point out that this is one of the reasons why New Residential Investment Corp made the strides as far as being profitable is concerned. Nierenberg was however consistent that the changes in the company’s policies and view on profits did not affect the company’s culture on work ethics and transparency.

This approach to business and especially in the investment world paints the correct image of Michael Nierenberg abilities and experience. First, he is one of the best negotiators, and these negotiating skills gave him a chance to push for agendas that protected the company’s interests. As the company CEO and president, he successfully made deals that were timely for the company especially in private equity investment. Second, Michael Nierenberg apart from being one of the best negotiators is without a doubt one of the most experienced professionals in this industry.

Nierenberg in addition to being one of the best negotiators and one of the professionals that are experienced in the world of numbers and deals is active in the world of philanthropy. For nearly two decades, he has been at the forefront of courses contributing money for cancer patients.

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