Mark Linzenbold Joins Agera Energy

Agera Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Geoff Duda welcomed Mark Linzenbold as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Mark worked for more than seven years as the vice president at the finance and business development of Direct Energy. He has a broad background in finance and retail energy industry. Mark Linzenbold is a seasoned executive with strong dedication and impressive work ethics. Some of his recent positions include being the vice president of business planning and corporate controller of Strategic Energy. He was also the Senior Manager for KPMG. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


Agera Energy is a natural gas and electricity supplier located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. As the leading energy dealer, the company is passionate to lessen its own impact in the environment. It also aims to promote environmental care all over its footprint. Agera Energy’s campaign transformed its employees and each strives to become eco-friendlier in their everyday lives inside and outside the office. This is just a simple step but it can help optimize the access to a clean natural environment of the next generation. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy received the certification from Westchester Green Business in 2016 after it took part in the Westchester Green Business Challenge. The task was for the company to do some ingenuities that will make their everyday operations more sustainable. To some, doing something sustainable for the environment could be very hard, but it is not really that difficult actually. To encourage its employees and operations to be more eco-friendly, Agera Energy did simple but genius activities.


The company installed LED lights in its offices to lessen their energy consumption. It also used film coverings on the windows of the offices to lessen the temperature and solar heat on the windows, making the office cooler and less hot. It also replaced trash cans with recycling bins. Instead of throwing them away, papers, bottles, glass containers, and cans are all recycled.


In terms of hazardous waste, the company tapped Veolia North America to take care of the proper disposal of their hazardous and electronic wastes. These simple efforts made by the company and its employees made Agera Energy the leader in advocating positive actions in the industry.