Jeremy Goldstein Is A Lawyer And Philanthropist Helping Those In Need

Jeremy Goldstein is hosting a charity dinner for the Fountain House because he is passionate about the work that it is doing for those who are dealing with various mental illnesses. The tickets cost $5000 per guest and each guest will be served an elegant dinner and vintage wines and know that they are doing good for the world around them. The Fountain House is all about helping those with mental illnesses live normal lives and the money that the foundation earns from the event will go far.

The Fountain House was founded in 1944 and has helped countless people since. It provides a much-needed support group for those with mental illnesses to help them know that they are not alone in their illness. And it provides education for those who need it and gives everyone the resources and help that they need so they can go back out into the world and make a positive impact on it. It helps many earn degrees, learn culinary and communication skills, and become good assets for the community where they reside.

The Fountain House gives people the confidence they need to get a job and move on with their lives. It helps them know that they can do anything and the employment program is a big part of the Fountain House. It works with many teenagers and young adults, from age 13 to 30, and it gives them all that they need to go out and be a positive piece of their community. It helps those who are homeless get jobs and get back on their feet and is making a big difference for many in that kind of situation.

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney and has been working in law ever since graduating from New York University. He has worked with many large companies and CEOs and has helped them with the transactions they have made. And he spent the first several years of his career working for others before he started his firm.

Jeremy Goldstein runs a boutique firm where he still works with governance matters for all kinds of CEOs and companies. He also does work with executive compensation and he has been involved with many major business transactions over the years. Jeremy Goldstein is on the chair of a section of the American Bar Association and he does some writing and speaking when he is not doing work as a lawyer.


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