Jeremy Goldstein Guide to Successful Compensation for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in advising committees on compensation especially for executives of a company during mergers and acquisitions,CEO management teams and corporate governance. He is a graduate of Cornell University where he received a bachelor degree in Arts and History. Jeremy did his masters in Arts in Chicago university. He also did a Juris law from the University of New York School of Law. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

He has previously worked in various firm including Shearman and sterling LLC,WachtellLipton and later began Jeremy Goldstein, a company which deals mainly with compensation. Jeremy has been part of the substantial transaction such as the negotiations to acquire Goodrich by united technology among others.

Jeremy who is also the chairman of merger and acquisition subcommittee advises employers on options that are bought by employed as away of compensation. Jeremy sites the disadvantages of options as losing value should the share price fall making it worthless. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The other drawback is that the employees know this and don’t accept it as a way of compensation and the financial advantage may be less than the costs of the options.

Jeremy advises that in spite of the disadvantages employers can use the knockout strategy which has the same characteristic as a standard option, but the employees lose the options if they fall below a certain price. In case of a volatile stock the employers employ the knock out mechanism, and this could reduce the accounting cost of the options.

The knock out clauses will result in lower compensation for the executives enabling the company proxy to show earnings more accurately. The strategy allows employees to earn where the stock price of a firm goes up. Before deciding to take up the knock out strategy involve the auditors and ensure that the company takes time between one knock out a strategy to another. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn