Jacob Gottlieb

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb is a financial pundit and experienced investor. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics after attending Brown University, earning his CFA charter in 2001 from the Association for Investment Management and Research. He had also pursued a short career in the medical field, graduating from New York University Medical School with an M.D., before working at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City as an intern. After completing his medical internship, Jacob Gottlieb made the decision to fully pursue a financial career and abandoned his medical ventures. His career started at a young age, with his parents inspiring him to pursue his goals in medicine and finances.


He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was a pediatrician, and his father a professor of economics. They had immigrated to the United States in the 60s and had seen quite some success in their professional lives after doing so. At a young age, Jacob Gottlieb showed an interest in finances as well as medicine and put great effort toward learning about them. While in 7th grade, he even won a contest involving the selection of successful stocks. His father expressed pride in that accomplishment, being impressed by Jacob’s talent for finances and stocks. So, soon after the contest, with his father’s guidance, Jacob Gottlieb had his first investment trading account opened.


During his prosperous career, Jacob Gottlieb has worked with quite a few companies within the financial sector. Gottlieb currently works as a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Visium Asset Management, LLC, which he established himself in 2005. Before he founded Visium Asset Management, he helped to found Balyasny Asset Management, L.P.; worked internationally via the English firm, Merlin Financial, taking on the role of investment portfolio manager; and gained much of his initial experience in professional finances working for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. as a buy-side analyst. He’s moved forward quickly in his professional career and excelled in every organization with which he has worked. His reputation as a reliable, experienced, and skilled financial pundit is widespread, and for good reason.


In addition to his financial ventures, and his medical work, Gottlieb has also shown a marked interest in charitable organizations, contributing heavily to a number of prominent charitable organizations based in and around New York. Among these organizations is Covenant House, which dedicates itself to providing second chances to youths who have found themselves homeless and abandoned.



Covenant House

Covenant House has been in operation for over four decades. They are an organization dedicated to America’s forgotten youths and aim to reduce the homelessness rate of young boys and girls by as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how those youths have ended up out on the street, whether by simple misfortune, birth into poverty, escape from trafficking or exploitation, removal from foster care, or escape from an abusive family. Covenant House has helped to save over 1 million youths throughout its decades of operation and currently works to help more than 80 thousand more each and every year. They accomplish this due to generous contributions from volunteers and individuals such as Jacob Gottlieb.