Iskandar Safa Builds And Supplies Naval Vessels And Superyachts To Military And Commercial Users


Iskandar Safa is the chief executive officer and chairman of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. He co-founded the company in the 1990s with his brother Akram Safa. The Shipbuilding company operates on a global basis, and the headquarters are located in France. Akram serves the company as its inside chief executive officer and co-owner.

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955. He had approximately 20 years of experience before establishing Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Iskandar was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and in the early 70s, he took a job in Saudi Arabia. He was the manager of a construction project for a military airport.

Privinvest Shipbuilding Group specializes in the construction of naval vessels. The organization also builds commercial ships and superyachts. Iskandar Safa has had a love for the sea since his boyhood. As he grew older, he focused his scholastic education on engineering.

The superyacht market will be a large focus for Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Subsidiaries of the firm, including Nobiskrug and CMN, are world class builders of the luxury super yachts. These are companies that have a long history of developing the premier vessels for the ships that have been in use for years. Privinvest has built thousands of naval vessels. The yachts and ships stand out for their state-of-the-art design and engineering. Iskandar Safa grew the business with his own solid background in the engineering process. Go Here for related Information.

Iskandar Safa is a skilled entrepreneur and businessman, and he has a crew of professionals as part of the design and engineering team. The Privinvest Group employs a team that has a cumulative total of many decades of shipbuilding expertise.

The Group serves navies and other markets around the world. Iskandar Safa was formally trained in civil engineering. He graduated university where he earned his degree in engineering. Safa oversees production at Privinvest. See This Page to learn more.


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