Gareth Henry and Real Estate

Gareth Henry is an investment genius who has been helping his clients for decades make billions of dollars investing in real estate and other markets. One significant trend in the real estate investing market today is repositioning. The term repositioning has replaced the term urban renewal which had to do with the way businesses and people left the big cities and moved to the suburbs.

The term repositioning itself refers to the process of changing the character, quality or purpose of property whether it is a single dwelling or multi-family resident or commercial building. It can be a straightforward process like repainting a building to a complete remodel or complete demolition.

Gareth Henry says that the repositioning of a property is not really about the money, but more about the scarcity of property. As property gets scarce, it increases in value, and someone might pay a half a million dollars for a piece of property and demolish it to have the ability to have that location.

Gareth Henry says cosmetic changes can make alot of difference in how a family feels about paying a certain price for rent. If there is a lack of places to live renters will be more likely to pay on time and take better care of it.

Henry says a structural repositioning is where you might move a wall or add a wall or add a swimming pool. Visit

The running option smoothly Gareth Henry says changes the way the property operates. It can be changing management companies, removing tenants that do not take care of the place, increasing occupancy, etc.

Gareth Henry says whichever option you go with you need a careful plan that has been researched and has realistic expectations. Make sure you don’t decide to upgrade a house in a poverty-stricken neighborhood or no matter what you do it will not help the value increase much. Know your ideal renter. Be realistic.

Henry says repositioning does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With technology growing the need to reposition will continue. So as investors continue to reposition the real estate market will continue to grow. Read more on,%20Gordon%20&%20Co