Excel In Sports And A Career Like Mark Holyoake Does


New Zealand born Gymnast Mark Holyoake developed an interest for this sport at a very young age, and he has competed on both the amateur and national level since beginning his gymnastic journey.

Mark Holyoake participated in national teams of development at the young age of 10 years old. He devoted many hours to becoming advanced in the gymnastics field. International recognition came to Holyoake as a result of his dedication to this sport. During the Commonwealth Games in 2010, he participated with the New Zealand team and earned a 3rd ranking solely on the parallel bars. The team placed 4th overall at the end of the competition.

Education has also played an important role in transitioning Mark Holyoake from professional athlete to a solid career person. He attended Auckland University and earned a BS in Sport and Exercise Science. During his college years, he participated in national and international competitions. He also helped others by working as a personal trainer. Mark excelled at assisting younger athletes with developing their gymnastic abilities.

In 2010, Holyoake decided to retire from gymnastic competitions. He continued to work as a personal trainer. He also traveled with his Mark Holyoake Gymnastics takeover program where he conducted pop up workshops at various locations. He became familiar with CrossFit programs during these events. Holyoake pursued competing in CrossFit activities, and he has also opened his own center to train people in this activity.

Along with Tila Hamad, Holyoake has opened a CrossFit studio called Auckland’s Carbon Method Fitness. Hamad is also a Licensed CrossFit trainer. The facility provides intimate training for small groups of up to 15 people per session. Go To This Page for related information.

The leap from professional athlete to entrepreneur enables Holyoake to help people develop their interest in this sport and physical well-being. Students are taught the skills needed to develop a personal training regime that is benefits their body. Holyoake has developed a successful business based on core principles of personal fulfillment that he lives by.

The road to a successful career begins with having a set goal and the right educational foundation. Holyoake also collaborated with fellow athletes to develop the right business model to excel at helping others.


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