Edwin Miranda Is A Modern Marketer Who Loves Giving An Edge To His Client’s Companies

Edwin Miranda is a marketing strategist who studied at the Interamerican University of PR. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in business administration and marketing during his time at the school and also studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He currently works with KOI IXS as its chief executive officer and founder. KOI is a marketing agency that offers performance-driven results, and Miranda works with brands from all over the world to help them draw in customers and engage with them in a meaningful way.

Edwin Miranda feels lucky to be able to be working with a group of people who are some of the best in the industry. It is his job to lead this group of people and direct them so they are able to combine their many talents. He truly enjoys his job because he loves to give company’s the edge they need in whatever business sector they are serving in.

Edwin Miranda believes he is more productive as an entrepreneur because he wakes up early every day. He gets started by checking his news feed, which is usually followed by a cardiovascular workout. Miranda is the kind of marketer who looks to create long lasting results rather than temporary solutions. He does so by measuring his results and changing course whenever a new strategy is needed. He loves predictive marketing and enjoys being able to create personalized marketing tactics for his varied clientele. Looking into the future, Edwin Miranda expects to continue to serve his clients by providing them with the exact results they are hoping for.

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