Darien Dash is a True Trailblazer

Darien Dash has created a unique niche for his talents. He has combined his knowledge of technology and the world of entertainment to found a marketing empire. His work revolves around one mission, minorities should have the same access as anyone to technology. It resulted in his company, The Movement Management firm.

Since the beginning of the internet, Darien has desired internet access for everyone. He was the first African American to own an internet company that traded on the NYSE. It was not his first foray into the business world, and as a young man at the University of California, he created Roc-A-Bloc records. Darien Dash was even asked by then president Bill Clinton to spearhead a movement to bring the internet to minority communities. Dash’s company now offers advice to a wide range of businesses including the cannabis and entertainment world. To know more about Dash visit bloomberg.com

Darien Dash’s day is busy. It starts early in the morning, and it can go well into the night. He is ready to deal with whatever the day brings him, and every day can be different. He has a large team of the best staff to help him. One thing that Dash has learned is that good ideas can come from anywhere. He is happy to listen to anyone, be they front a small or huge company, in order to get the best new ideas. One thing that he has seen that has made him especially proud is the influx of new minority owned companies. He is really happy to see how much they support and work with one another.

Darien Dash credits his success with a combination of flexibility and repetition. He stands by systems that have worked for him in the past, but he is just as willing to try new things and things that may be out of his comfort zone.