The Cancer Treatment Center of America company is happy to announce that they will now have an online portal in which patients and even patrons can find out information on that through the website. Watch this video about CTCA on Youtube.

The website for the CTCA offers a lot of information for the patients about what the portal can do such as to get in touch with doctors, managing your health plan, getting health records, and even more. To sign up for the online portal you will automatically get a set password and username until you change that. View CTCA’s profile on Yelp.

So if you are a patient all you need to do is ask about it at the office where you can get the information and then sign up online. When you put in the information online it will be then up and ready to go for you making it simple and where you can be in the portal in less than ten minutes even if you are not very good at the computer, to begin with. The patients that do use it love it and think that it makes their care just that much easier.

Visit: https://www.modernhealthcare.com/people/cancer-treatment-centers-america-names-new-ceo