Chris Butch Interview

The Burch Creative Capital CEO and founder is Chris Burch. Chris has been an active investor and entrepreneur in a different range of industries for more than four decades. In his work, Chris has contributed his effort to the rise of some brands, including Jawbone, Voss water, Poppin, Tory Burch and Faena Hotel + Universe.

He was able to acquire and renovate Nihiwatu. It is a luxury resort located on Sumba Island, Indonesia. It was ranked in 2016 as world number one hotel by Leisure and Travel magazine. He has been having hospitality interest after he partnered with Philippe Stark who is architecture and Alan Faena who is a hotelier in Argentina where they developed underutilized Faena Hotel + Universe.

He also announced in 2014 where he was to partner with Ellen DeGeneres when she was launching her lifestyle brand. In the same year, Chris Burch was able to start Cocoon9 which is a luxury prefab home that has space-saving floor plans, energy efficient features, sophisticated finishes and contemporary designs. In current time, he is supporting the development and establishment of other consumer and lifestyle products brands including Blink Health, Soludos, Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods and BaubleBar.

Chris used to be a member of the board at Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Foundation. He even used to be the president of a hotel called The Pierre Co-op Board. Chris has also been a contributor where he funded Mt. Sinai Hospital located in New York in their philanthropic initiatives and research, Chinese child welfare league, Henry street settlement, Sumba foundation and many more, check (

In an interview, Chris Burch talked about the creative capital origin. He talks about how naturally curiosity he is, and he has been reading about the world surrounding him. He has been taking notice of how services and products can be improved. After Chris Burch got his success when he was still a youth, he decided to focus on his resources and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs that have great ideas. It is something that led to starting his company, Burch Creative Capital. He has been matching ideas with funding, and it has been bringing extraordinary possibilities around the globe.

He has not been having a typical day. Chris Burch might be in a flight traveling for exploration of his Nihiwatu resort in South Pacific, or updates in the organizations he has been investing in New York or meetings in Los Angeles. His ideas have been starting from people and who have been willing to execute their plans, as posted on