The Chainsmokers Release the Song of the Summer with “Side Effects”

The Chainsmokers, along with singer Emily Warren, released “Side Effects” on July 27. It comes nearly two years after their monster hit, “Closer” debuted and dominated the charts. The award-winning, chart-topping duo — Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul — have released numerous singles since “Closer,” but perhaps none as carefree and summery as “Side Effects.”

2018 saw the release of “Sick Boy,” an EP that has produced four singles to date. “Side Effects” marks their fifth single this year and is thought to be from their upcoming full-length studio album. Unlike their other 2018 singles, “Side EFfects” has a more upbeat, disco-inspired feeling that makes it a fitting summer bop.

It’s also a far cry from their early DJ days. Taggart and Paul have matured as performers, with Taggart getting behind the mic and singing on songs like “Closer.” The music itself has become more personal, focusing on modern-day relationships and what it means to live and love in an increasingly technological age.

Paul and Taggart claim that they write songs based on their observations of the world. Their themes resonate with both critics and audiences alike. Since breaking through into mainstream success in 2014, The Chainsmokers have gone on to produce platinum records and to be nominated for and win multiple awards. This includes the Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and People’s Choice.

While The Chainsmokers continue DJing in Vegas, they also perform their music at venues large and small around the world. Alex Paul remains the main DJ, with Andrew Taggart writing, singing, and producing. Their sound is an eclectic mix of EDM, hip-hop, pop, and indie.

Since debuting “Side Effects” in July, they have dropped multiple remixes of the track. They’ve also released a music video featuring Camila Mendes of “Riverdale” fame. It was shot on location in Miami and directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen.

Bob Reina Is Taking The Tech World By Storm

When it comes to Bob Reina, he has always had the attitude of go big or go home. He feels as though if he is going to do something, it is wise to do it the right way. There is no sense in just rushing through it to get it done. He wants to go all out and leave nothing to chance.

He researches and does his homework, so he knows exactly what he is getting into and what can be expected. He knew this when he founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007. It is hard to believe the company has been around for a decade, but it has and it has stayed true to their formula.

They are all about making people live out their dreams while making a difference in the world. When it comes to dreams, a lot of people might see those as things for kids, but not Bob Reina. He sees them as something that can happen for anyone, no matter what their age is or where they come from.

That is why his company, Talk Fusion, the best in voice, data, and chat, won two awards in 2016. Companies and people are taking notice of all of the great work they are doing over at Talk Fusion.

According to PR News Wire, what really makes Bob Reina a great man is the fact that people can recognize it in him and they can see it as being real. He is real, authentic, and caring. He is also very humble as well. When the second award was won, he was quick to give out praise to his IT team for the work that they do.

He is smart enough to know that Talk Fusion is a company and even though he is the CEO and founder, there are a lot of people behind the scenes that deserve credit as well.

That is why people love working for Bob Reina and why they love Talk Fusion. They can see how genuine he is and the impact it has made on not just the customers that use it, but the employees as well.