Neurocore Solution for Optimal Performance

Seasons ago, Kirk Cousins, pro football quarterback, found himself struggling with his performance which caused him to miss out on opportunies. Kirk realized that to solve this problem, he would need brain training. Ironically, around the same time, the Portland Trail Blazers were experiencing the same thing, poor performance that caused them to lose many games. This team discovered the same thing that brain training would be the solution. Because of Biofeedback, there have been an improvement involuntary functions.

Mark Murrison, CEO of Neurocore, Mark is very passionate and dedicated to serving his clients with his knowledge and expertise and compassion for Mental Health Issues. Mark views mental health differently than the taboo that if one has mental health issues that they are either broken or sick. Neurocore views the brain the same way one views the body that is experiencing symptoms and injuries. If you are experiencing heart problem, you would visit a Cardiologist. Neurocore Assist clients with systems such as ADHD, stress, sleep disorders, migraines, depression, ASD and anxiety.

Neurocore is a leading company with a brand new, approach to improving mental health. With their advance technology and neuroscience discoveries, Nerocore assist their clients by improving the way the brain functions and the way the brain performs which allows the client to reach their full performance capacity.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Uses New Technology to Restore Mental Health

Unlike other disorders such as diabetes, mental health is not addressed in many hospitals or health care centers. Thus, seeking treatment for mental disorders is very challenging. Other hardships associated with mental disorders include social stigma and high healthcare costs. If the ailment has progressed, it may be difficult to take the first steps or initiate recovery.

Some of the treatment methods available utilize psychotherapy or medication or both. Scientific advancements have made pharmaceutical and psychological treatments effective. However, some people fear the possible side effects of these treatment options and others who do not get better with the procedure.

Scientists have discovered that modern neuroscience has proved there is a third treatment option, neurofeedback, which utilizes the power of the brain to treat mental disorders. Neurofeedback treatment option has no side effects on the patients. According to modern neuroscience, the brain can learn and improve in performance based on the information it gets from the environment.

Neurocore uses neurofeedback to treat mental ailments such as depression migraines, autism, ADHD, sleep disorder, anxiety, and sleep problems. A stronger brain cell can correct any brain disorder. This is why Neurocore uses the same method to treat all brain problems.

Disorders like depression, ASD, and ADHD have very different symptoms. However, the impact of these ailments to the brain are similar. Neurofeedback aims at identifying the impact and then trains the mind to deal with it. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or depression, the process of treatment is the same.

First, the client wears a hat that is designed the electrical activities of different parts of the brain. The nurse will create a personalized brain map which shows the brain activities. Brain maps are essential in furthering the diagnosis of mental disorders as the doctor can see the mismatch in electrical activities. Once the brain map is created, neurofeedback training begins. Clients are allowed to watch movies of their choice as their brain activity is being monitored. With time, the patient learns how to focus, and the brain functions improve.

Neurocore offers home-based treatment options which allow the clients to get mental treatment at the comfort of their homes.

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Talkspace Therapy: Who is it For?

Talkspace is an app that provides mental health therapy. It is a new concept that is reaching out to millions of busy people and cell phone users everywhere. The concept allows an individual to sign up with an email address only. They are not required to use their real name or provide any identifying information.

People who have tested Talkspace comment on some of the reasons why they decided to get started. One of the biggest reasons is due to its low cost when compared to traditional services. Another popular reason for using the app is the extreme convenience, and the complete anonymity was highlight as a benefit to some users. Visit to learn more.

Initially, you will be ask some questions so that you can be properly paired with the appropriate therapist. When you are matched with a therapist, you are free to text anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week. The therapist will respond as quickly as possible throughout the day. If you want, you can also send voice messages and videos through their chat room. This allows individuals the luxury of making contact with the license therapist on holidays, evenings, and literally any time they need to reach out.

Talkspace is an excellent source for people who do not want to have one-on-one contact with a therapist, and it is very useful for people who cannot or do not want to travel to an office. Other people that might benefit from the program are those suffering from mild anxiety or depression.

There are many safety nets that Talkspace has set up to protect their clients. If you do not feel that your therapist is helping you or is not a good match, you are entitled to change, and it is a simple process. The technology is compliant with all of the government privacy laws also.

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MB2 Dental Successful In Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey roared through the southern Texas area and left billions of dollars of devastated destruction. Lives were lost, and millions of people were displaced due to loss of homes. Many relief agencies, and people from all across the country volunteered to bring some sort of relief to the many victims. MB2 Dental Solutions was one of the entities that took it upon themselves to become involved in the relief effort to help and assist the hundreds of employees and their families who were included among the millions of people needing assistance.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental support organization that helps dentist run their offices more efficiently. It serves as a partner to many dentists, and private practice dentists. It provides services to help dentist to be able to focus on rendering exceptional service to their patients. In the after math of Hurricane Harvey, MB2 Dental Solutions had some of their affiliated offices destroyed, and many of their employees left without homes and food. The company joined in the relief effort by setting a goal to raise $100,000 to help the displaced employees, and the dental offices. This fundraiser generated a total of $93,000 for the ones who were in desperart need of assistance. This was ninety four percent of their goal.

One heart warming story from the hurricane saga was that of one of the doctors with MB2 Dental Solutions. She had given birth to a beautiful baby just days before the hurricane. She was in the home without food and water for herself and her new baby until she was evacuated from her home. During the days that followed, MB2 Dental Solutions was in constant communication with her, and providing what they could to help with her survival. She expressed her sincere gratitude to all of her affiliates, and support groups for all of their care and support during the horrid weeks that followed the hurricane.

The founding principal of MB2 Dental Solutions was that a doctor could accomplish more when working together with others than he could ever do as an individual. MB2 Dental gives dentists a progressive perspective on how the management of their practice and the development of it should work. MB2 Dental is proud of the success of their fundraising effort to help the many associates and other people victimized by Hurricane Harvey. The company is grateful to the many donors who supported this effort.

Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback To Treat Depression

There are oven ten million adults living with depression in the US alone but could neurofeedback be the right technique to help treat this condition? Neurocore certainly seems to think so. In the mid-30’s, Frederick Lemere became one of the first scientists to study the effects of neurofeedback on patients suffering from depression and he documented his astounding results. Over 80 years later, scientists are now using his research to develop the most effective methods of treating depression and they seem to be having much success. Out of the 292 patients they’ve treated thus far, over three-quarters of them reported a significant decrease in the severity of their symptoms while over half of them no longer met the requirements of a depressed person.

Their success has led to them to develop a medication-free depression treatment program which uses neurofeedback to help treat patients. As part of the program, they also use Qeeg technology to monitor the brainwaves of the patients in an effort to hone in on the inherent cause of depression. Additionally, they use a rating scale known as ASEBA which stands for Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment. Many traditional treatment methods for depression can include seeing a therapist, taking medication or some combination thereof. While the exact cause of depression is not known, many scientists suspect it may be caused by hormones and hereditary factors.

Additionally, scientists believe that an increase in alpha activity can often be an indication of someone who is struggling with depression. Neurocore was first founded back in 2004 and has since become one of the world leaders in applied neurosciences. Their services have even been employed by such high-profile sports teams as the Portland Trailblazers. They currently have eight different performance centers in two different states, Michigan and Florida. They use neurofeedback and Qeeg technology to help improve people’s brain functions as well as their mental acuity. They have also recently added something called a brain room to one of its facilities which seeks to improve people’s cardiovascular systems as well as strengthen core mental faculties. So we wish them luck.