Jin Oh Staying Ahead In The Gaming World

Jin Oh’s company represents one of the biggest gaming teams in the entire world. Jin Oh made it easier to keep track of those playing the game so that it would be more fun.

20 years or more Jin Oh has spent in the technology field. His success has increased over the years mainly because he uses the growth technique that keeps his company always changing.

Jin Oh doesn’t believe in waiting on others to make changes. His philosophy is if you want changes, you have to do it yourself and not depend on someone else. He is the president of Worldwide Publishing for Riot Games, and he understands his company potential from the very beginning and pushes for LoL’s player base in Korea. Jin Oh has commented in Korea Times how there is nowhere other than Korea that could appreciate and have such a deep connection with esports.

His ambition is to leave his competitor behind by staying ahead in the gaming world and for individuals of every race, age or gender to enjoy the Riot games he creates.

For details: onmogul.com/jin-oh

LocationSmart and Getting Help with Your Company’s Needs

If there are times when you feel you may need to keep track of workers and your clients, it is time that you consider the different options available through LocationSmart. The reason so many people are choosing to make use of this as a viable option is because LocationSmart allows them to keep track of all of their assets without needing an external program. You simply create an account and are able to follow workers as well as clients who contact you. This is the best way to keep track of your work day and know that everything is running as smoothly as possible.


Reasons to Consider Using LocationSmart

There are a few reasons why you may want to consider using LocationSmart. The fact that the company offers these services at a reasonable rate is why you may want to think about creating an account for yourself. You can easily go onto the main site for LocationSmart and begin to create an account that is specific to the business you are running. You can even have multiple accounts depending on the amount of companies that you currently own and run. Now is the time to receive the real-time updates that you need from LocationSmart without needing to do all of the work on your own.


Why You May Want the LocationSmart Service

There are so many benefits and reasons for making use of LocationSmart, and it is just a matter of creating your own account and getting started when it is convenient for you. Because of the amount of work that you can achieve through LocationSmart, it is important that you sign up for your own account and begin to utilize it for yourself. This is an important part of choosing to make use of LocationSmart and knowing that it is something that is going to help you out in the long run.


There are a lot of benefits and reasons to give LocationSmart a try for yourself, and it is a lot easier for you to sign up than you might think. The fact that you are able to sign up for an account at your own convenience through the actual site is why so many business owners have chosen to do this for themselves. You are ready to consider using this service when you are wanting to make use of their real-time updates and be able to know what is going on at all times. You can easily make use of LocationSmart and know that this is something that is going to help in a lot of different ways. Be sure to consider using this service and seeing just how different the company can be.


To learn more, visit www.locationsmart.com.

OSI Group: A Long Lasting Partnership with McDonalds Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation is a multinational company that owns thousands of McDonald’s Restaurants around the world. The company was founded in the 1950s, and they experienced tremendous growth after the founder aggressively expanded their operations domestically and internationally. People loved their burgers, and one of the reasons why their burger tasted so good is because of how their business partners processed it. The OSI Group is a company that was founded in the early 1900s by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant originating from Germany. In the 1950s, he was approached by the founder of McDonald’s Corporation and told him that McDonald’s restaurant would need a supplier for burger patties. Otto Kolschowsky agreed to the contract, and he started creating burger patties for the fast food restaurant. Read this article at foodbusinessnews.net to learn more.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership began to strengthen, as the two companies are working together to achieve their goals. A few years later, McDonalds Corporation started to open their branches in different locations across the United States. Otto Kolschowsky has to work with financial firms providing additional capital for him to continue supporting the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. He was given the capital fund he requested and started upgrading his business so that more beef patties can be manufactured. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership experienced tremendous growth after the fast-food restaurant opened their first branch abroad. It became a domino effect, and the OSI Group saw itself as an emerging meat manufacturing firm that has been given an opportunity to expand overseas. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership was tested several times, most notably when the food freezing technology was developed, but McDonald’s Corporation decided to retain their working relationship with the OSI Group because they have been partners for decades.

Today, the OSI Group is considered as one of the most successful food manufacturing businesses in the planet, being able to open up 50 facilities worldwide, and employing more than 20,000 people. The company is also active in more than 17 countries, and according to the company’s chairman, Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group will be more aggressive when it comes to their growth, and their partnership with McDonald’s Corporation will continue for ages.

Learn More: https://www.foundation.iastate.edu/s/1463/giving/interior.aspx?pgid=1708&gid=1&cid=6456

BetterWorks Cloud-Based Platform Instills Motivation, Helps Achieve Shared Company Vision


A recent Gallup poll showed that companies whose employees were “highly engaged” in their jobs were 21% more profitable than in firms where motivation was flat.

How do you foster high employee engagement and positive morale? Three ways have been identified.

First, scrap those old annual performance reviews that look backward over an employee’s performance in favor of a forward-looking approach. That means having conversations with employees multiple times per year. Focus on what’s happening right now and how improvements in performance can be made in real-time.

Second, make managers better managers. Managers are a key activation point within a business. Help them maintain progress by supplying them with coaching and feedback.

Third, instill a sense of purpose in workers. For an employee to be motivated, they must have a purpose they believe in and a genuine desire to fulfill that purpose. They want to feel they can help grow the business while also bettering themselves personally.

How do you get it done? As it turns out, there’s a software that business owners can plug into to achieve all three objectives outlined above. It’s called BetterWorks. It’s a cloud-based platform designed to help employee teams set goals and reach those goals

The BetterWorks platform is inherently social. It automatically shares goals across a company profile. It invites all to participate in a shared vision in a way that motivates everyone to achieve goals both as a team and personally. The BetterWorks system sets specific targets and provides transparent ways to monitor incremental progress toward achieving them.


Vijay Eswaran and The Importance Of Vegetarian Diets

The meat industry is large, providing a lot of the food for the mainstream diets that much of the world consumes. But in many circles, plant-based diets have started to become more popular and that has been seen through large scale investments in companies such as the plant-based meat and dairy substitute company, Impossible Foods. Vijay Eswaran, an Executive Chairman for the QI Group of Companies, recently wrote an article about the idea that we could help many economies around the world by changing to a plant-based solution. Vijay is seen as reputable since QI Group is a company known through Asia for their many different business lines such as e-commerce, leisure, and luxury lines that have made them successful.

Vijay Eswaran explains that he was born into his vegetarian lifestyle as he grew up with family never eating meat as well. While promoting a vegetarian lifestyle inside his company, he believes that he shouldn’t be forcing it upon his employees. Nonetheless, he believes an approach around the world based off a study that plant-based eating could help economies alongside the health of a population. Another very important part that Vijay brings up about the importance of switching to a more vegetarian diet is how much the meat industry affects our environment. While some think emissions from animals themselves are being overblown, a lot of the concerns actually come from everything around them. For example, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has found that 30% of the land on the planet is used for producing meat when it’s not covered by ice. This adds up in emissions when you total together with vehicles coming to bring animal feed and then constantly delivering meat to plants. By transforming the world to have a vegetarian lifestyle, we can help economies and our planet prosper.

The Successful Life of Steve Ritchie

Succeeding in the field of entrepreneurship is not easy. Many people have tried their luck in the industry and not many have made it. The field is faced by various issues that could see a business fail if one does not stay alert on the progress of their venture. One of the biggest challenges in the industry today is competition and lack of teamwork. Papa Johns is one of the investments that have succeeded in the industry through the help and leadership of Steve Ritchie, its chief executive officer. The firm continues to deliver high quality pizza to many people across the globe and it is one of the largest companies in the world.

Since taking leadership in the company, Steve Ritchie has always used social media to promote the products of his company. Besides, he has also engaged with employees of the firm to run the companies websites that allow customers to order pizza and other products quickly. Through the platform, the firm has stayed connected to each of its clients and communication has proved to be easy. Besides, the clients have successfully aired their views about the products and services that they receive.

Steve Ritchie took over the leadership of the company a couple of years ago and he has been part of the firm for many years. He worked as a sales executive in the venture before being promoted to his current position. The ability of Steve Ritchie to prove to his clients that he fully understands their needs has seen many of them gain trust in the services and products that the venture offers.

Steve Ritchie continues to build strong and meaningful relationships with his clients and this has given them a chance to receive great discounts in the products they purchase as they have already proven to be loyal customers of Papa Johns.

The Career of One Serge Christian Pierre Belamant Blockchain King

Besides being a French computer scientist, Serge Christian Pierre Belamant. He is also the founding patent holder of the blockchain technologies. His technology became what this man created, and from this, a myriad of cryptocurrencies emerged.

Serge Belamant came up with a technology that was adopted by the banks as well as governments. The technology allows both, as well as the private firms, to perform a number of activities. These could include depositing money, withdrawing it and securely do other money transactions, than the conventional way.

He has been a consultant at Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc from May 31, 2017. This is a position he had due to his broad experience in the field of operations research, artificial intelligence, biometrics, security and also on-line and off-line transaction processing systems.

Serge Belamant was the chief executive officer of Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc since October 2000 up until 2017 May, 31. Also, he has served as the consultant in the development of Chip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card from 1996 to 1997. Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was from October 1989 to 1995 September the managing director of the company called Net1 Universal Technologies in Australia.

The doctor has more than a decade worth of experience in computer science specifically in Control Data Corporation, and here he has scooped various international awards. You can recall the doctor from the design as well as development and implementation of the Saswitch ATM network. This achievement was in South Africa. To date, these rates as the world’s third largest ATM switching system. He has also patented a lot of inventions. To start with, what many people can remember him for is the FTS, gaming inventions and as talks above biometrics.

Serge Belamant has also served as the chairman of Net 1 Ueps Technologies, Inc. This post was held from 2003 February up until April 6 2017. He also served as this company’s director since May of 1997 to 2017 May 31. Currently, Dr. Serge Belamant is the director of MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions Limited and is also a board member to numerous companies which are closely linked to the smart card business.

Read more: https://gb.wallmine.com/people/16738/serge-belamant

Betterworks Grows By Leaps And Bounds With New Funding

Betterworks is growing by leaps and bounds with a new series of funding that is coming in for the company. The company built a software package that could be used to manage HR for any brand the world over. Someone who is hoping to find the best HR management system should use this program because it handles everything from hiring to incentives and employee performance.

Betterworks has funding coming in their Series B that will pay for much of the expanded offerings they want to put into the program. The company is looking to use this new money to change how the program works for all users, and they have made sure that they could grow their staff to offer the best support. This is a very proactive company that is hoping to make their program the best choice throughout the industry.

Employee performance is a large part of managing any business. The company cannot grow unless the staff is doing a good job, and there must be some sort of uniform plan to make every employee the best that they can be. This is the sort of program that helps managers track performance. It is a very simple program to use, and it even has options for helping employees grow into their next role. Training, incentives, and contests could all be included in this program.

Follow Betterworks on Twitter – https://twitter.com/betterworks

Betterworks is the best new HR program on the market for any company that wants to manage its people in a more efficient way. The company has come up with new funding that will make it possible for them to grow, and they are offering their customers a chance to learn how to manage HR even if they have no prior experience.

Allied Wallet Services and Benefits to Clients

Allied Wallet company was founded in 2002 with the aim of revolutionizing the e-commerce payment solutions across the globe. The principal founder of the company is Andy Khawaja who is also the CEO living in Los Angles, California. His company deals with transaction processing as well as payments done through online services. There are more than 5000 employees all experts and devoted to serving millions of people with their services. Allied Wallet provides services at low transaction costs to ensure its affordable to many people across the globe. Clients at Allied Wallet benefit in several ways including;

  1. i) Being able to send or receive money easily since the processes involved are few
  2. ii) They have the opportunity to accept different currencies from various countries, the company’s customer care services are available for 24 hours, account set up process is easy and fast and also encrypted transactions offered are safe and secure from falling into the wrong hands.

Many visits which have already enrolled with Allied Wallet have given their feedback as to how the services offered are efficient and convenient as compared to other transaction methods. Their offices are based in West Hollywood California where people can visit and get information on how to join the company. They also have a contact line 888-255-1137. Allied Wallet uses more than ten modern technologies for the products including google analytics, Vimeo among others to ensure the smooth running of the business. Its employees are showing much interest in the Standard operating procedure as well as retirement planning. Although there is stiff competition from GoGappa and Bellroy Allied Wallet has been ranked high as they focus on providing the best standard services to the clients earning their trust and confidence.

Andy Khawaja is in the front line to increase the reach of the business; he has set aside more than $439.8k to be spent on IT. Recently Allied Wallet has established new alternative money transaction options in Canada expanding its reach and the number of clients. Since Canada has over 35 million people and about 85% have joined Allied Wallet to benefit from its services, therefore, leading to economic growth (Facebook).

The Work of Alex Hern

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is the founder and CEO of Tsunami XR, a company that develops and delivers advanced digital collaboration services. Hern has more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. During his career he has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of major companies which include Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Hern has been a major believer in s Augmented and Virtual Reality technology which he believes will be the basis of the future.

Alex Hern’s resume also includes serving as the co-founder and and director of Arcsight. This security was eventually sold to Hewlett-Packard for more than a billion dollars. During his career path he has served on a number of boards which include he Boards of NewHomes.com and of Triton Network Systems (TNSI)NewHomes.com . He has also worked with the board of Zero Knowledge Systems. This company is a major security company that now goes by the name Radial Point.

Sources of the article: https://gazetteday.com/2019/01/alex-hern-tomorrows-digital-workspace-strategies-today-2/