ClassDojo Connects Parents With Teachers And Helps Children Do Better

ClassDojo allows parents and teachers to communicate in ways that they have never been able to before. Parent/teacher conferences only happen every so often and parents aren’t always able to learn everything that they want during that time. But, with this app, they can see what is going on in the classroom and check in anytime that they want to. It is sort of a virtual classroom as it shows each student and parents can see how their child is learning. They can get a conduct score and easily learn about their child’s school projects because of how the app allows them to communicate with their teacher.

ClassDojo has quickly expanded since it came to be in 2011. It is now available in many classrooms across the United States and beyond. It is in 180 countries and has helped many parents and teachers to build stronger relationships than ever. And those who are running the app feel that the app will help children to get a better education than ever because of the way their parents and teachers are interacting.

ClassDojo has the long-term goal of helping all of the children around the world to get an education and to love the time they spend learning. It believes that the experience that a child has in a classroom is important and that people need to work on making the experience better. And those who created ClassDojo believe that getting families more involved in school will make the experience better.

ClassDojo Helps Children Get Ready for Back to School 

BetterWorks Cloud-Based Platform Instills Motivation, Helps Achieve Shared Company Vision


A recent Gallup poll showed that companies whose employees were “highly engaged” in their jobs were 21% more profitable than in firms where motivation was flat.

How do you foster high employee engagement and positive morale? Three ways have been identified.

First, scrap those old annual performance reviews that look backward over an employee’s performance in favor of a forward-looking approach. That means having conversations with employees multiple times per year. Focus on what’s happening right now and how improvements in performance can be made in real-time.

Second, make managers better managers. Managers are a key activation point within a business. Help them maintain progress by supplying them with coaching and feedback.

Third, instill a sense of purpose in workers. For an employee to be motivated, they must have a purpose they believe in and a genuine desire to fulfill that purpose. They want to feel they can help grow the business while also bettering themselves personally.

How do you get it done? As it turns out, there’s a software that business owners can plug into to achieve all three objectives outlined above. It’s called BetterWorks. It’s a cloud-based platform designed to help employee teams set goals and reach those goals

The BetterWorks platform is inherently social. It automatically shares goals across a company profile. It invites all to participate in a shared vision in a way that motivates everyone to achieve goals both as a team and personally. The BetterWorks system sets specific targets and provides transparent ways to monitor incremental progress toward achieving them.


Betterworks – Continuous Performance Management Solutions

Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management solution. It helps management within a company interact with the employees better. The proof of how effective it is comes from the people who use it and how they rate the software. This is the sort of software that can handle everything from small organizations to large corporations. People within a company needs to know what is expected of them. Betterworks allows for management to always know what is going on in this area. That allows for teams to have no worries about how they are handling what needs to be done.


People do not need to have uncertainty at work. That causes problems at work. It also allows for performance levels to remain high, because everyone knows what is expected. Keeping regular performance going strong pays for Betterworks in short order. Another way that this can be good for a company is by seeing who the future leaders are. That will be smoother with software that keeps up with continuous performance management. People can show they are keeping their work performance to standards and then exceed them. That also helps pay for this software.


People and companies always need help. With there being so many different facets of business, especially now with the new technologies, Betterworks allows one area to be easy and cause few problems. That is why performance should be the easy part to watch for a company.

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