Highland Capital Management: Merging Relationships and Fintech (Highland Capital)


Highland Capital Management is a financial services provider that was founded in 1987. Its business model is one of building relationships with clients. Contrary to what some conservative minds might think, this is more important in the modern financial era than ever before.

To understand why Highland Capital’s relationship building is crucial, consider the trends that disrupted the global economy. Most impactful is the Fintech sector. We have come to accept technology and finance as interlocked. However, it was not all that long ago that paper cash was the predominant mechanism of payment.

It took some time before the credit card system established a level of respect that allowed it to take over cash as the predominant payment system. Cash is simple. We know and can feel what we are paying with. Not only are credit cards abstract, but there are also variants within the system. Today, many of us have one card (or account on our smart phone) that can act as either a credit card or a debit card. There are seemingly limitless ways that the credit card system can be set up to be used as payment. See This Page for related information.

Highland Capital Management deals with much more significant financial services than your credit or debit card. Below is a list of the services that the firm provides:

  • Large Cap Value
  • Large Cap Growth
  • Multi-Cap Equity
  • International Equity
  • Large Cap Core Equity

The credit card example illustrates how the Fintech sector is established in modern life. A financial service provider that ignores innovations like social media payments will fall behind. This is why people at Highland Capital Management build relationships the old-fashioned way while embracing the emerging technologies that its experts believe to be most significant. Go Here for additional information.

They also conduct business out of the firm’s satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Highland Capital Management’s emergence into Europe came in part with the acquisitions of other financial institutions. They also acquired NexBank and ING Capital Management in 2004 and 2006 respectively.


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Learning More About What Highland Capital Management Is All About


Financial services is one of the largest sectors that makes up the United States economy, which happens to be the largest in the world. Although most of this industry’s competitors are involved in mainstream dealings, such as lending mortgages to laypeople, providers of niche services, such as the management of assets using alternative strategies, is equally as important.

Highland Capital Management is one of the leading alternative investment management service providers throughout all of North America, a spot that the Texan firm has held for nearly two full decades now.

The firm was created in 1993 by a pair of entrepreneurs, Mark Okada and James Dondero, each of whom had spent roughly 10 years in various positions across the greater world of financial services here in the United States before coming together and founding Highland Capital Management. Go Here for more information.


Where all does Highland Capital Management offer its services?

Most of Highland Capital Management’s work is done from the firm’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, though the firm also manages international offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Singapore; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Seoul, South Korea. View Additional Info Here.

Highland Capital Management also oversees an office in New York City, New York, to be close to Wall Street, which serves as the epicenter of financial instrument exchange on a global scale.


More about Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital first entered the European investment market in 2014 with help from Banco do Brasil through what is named the BB Highland Floating Rate Fund, one of many closed-end funds that Highland currently manages.

More recently, in mid-2018, the firm came out with a “UCITS Fund” – undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities – that mostly deals with collateralized loan obligation debt.

Highland Capital Management is also considered a conglomerate. The main subsidiary it oversees is Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.


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An Inside Look At Highland Capital Management’s Income Fund Portfolio


Highland Capital Management recently released its annual report on the performance of its Highland Income Fund. The Highland Income Fund, also known as the “Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund”, is available for public investors and is currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol HFRO.

This fund has been in operation for more than 15 years, and each investment in the portfolio is personally directed by Highland Capital Management’s co-founder Jim Dondero. The Highland Income Fund employs several strategies to help investors profit from moves in the world’s benchmark interest rates. Go Here for additional information.

Primarily, the fund invests in opportunities that provide above-average return potentials without the downside risk of other investment opportunities. Highland Capital has always been an active investor in high-yield bonds and other debt instruments, and the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund allocates its holding among multiple industries.


More specifically, the Income Fund’s current portfolio includes:

  • Creek Pine Holdings, LLC – Creek Pine Holdings is a collection of companies that specializes in investing the capital of family offices and sophisticated private investors. This family of corporations specializes in venture capital and private equity investments.
  • NFRO REIT Sub, LLC – Highland’s investments in the NFRO REIT are designed to produce consistent income for shareholders, as this portfolio company has the mandate to pay its owners more than 90% of taxable income as a dividend in any given year.
  • EDS Legacy Partners, LLC – As a former spin-off of the late Ross Perot’s Electronic Data System, EDS Legacy Partners invests in emerging electronic technologies. The company also partners with private equity firms around the country to buy and sell real estate related to data servers and America’s overall technological infrastructure.

To date, the Highland Capital Management Income Fund has returned more than 3.5%, and prospects for further returns continue to look bright. See This Page for related information.


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Clément Perrette Gives Advice on Business, Philanthropy, and More


Clément Perrette lives an exciting life, and he can point to scores of fantastic career achievements. The capital markets expert played a significant role in driving the arrival of STRIPS into the European market. Don’t look for Perrette to slow down. In 2016, he veered onto a new career path. He is the Managing Director of RAM Active Investments and handles tasks related to portfolio management.

Clément Perrette lives a busy life to be sure. Proper time management and organization become necessary to make a day as productive as possible. Perrette reveals he layers out his days carefully. Things don’t move haphazardly. He plans out his day meticulously and sets aside time for RAM Active Investments, philanthropy, and his family. First thing in the morning, he catches up on the news of the day, a wise plan. Business professions benefit from staying on top of goings-on in the world.

Don’t think Perrette works himself too hard. He understands that everyone has to take some time off to recharge and relax. Clement Perrette mentions he didn’t do that when he was younger. In time, most people learn they have to pace themselves or run the risk of burnout. At the very least, working too hard too often contributes to burnout. See This Article for additional information.

Clément Perrette has more advice for young people. He stresses the necessity to network. When someone possesses a long list of professional contacts, it can only help a career.

Don’t think Clément Perrette is only about business. Perrette puts a great deal of time into philanthropic causes. In particular, Perrette works hard at ocean conservation. He suggests people work hard at changing their consumption habits. Ocean conservation isn’t the only environmental benefit derived from better habits. So, Perrette’s advice is more broad-based than it appears, although he personally focuses on matters related to the ocean.


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A Co-Founder Leaves Highland Capital Management


Anyone whose lengthy career involves a long tenure with a single company becomes a fixture at the office. Spending nearly 30 years with a company means retirement brings great changes to the business. Working for a company in a support capacity for that many years shows management considered you vital. And likely, an administrative assistant with such strong ties to the company would feel a sense of loss when leaving. Now, imagine how the co-founder and top executive of a firm such as Highland Capital Management feels when the time comes the sunset a career.

Mark Okada was instrumental in the founding of the firm. To say the company grew over the years under his leadership would be an incredible understatement. Top clients gravitated to the firm in significant numbers. At the time of his impending departure, the firm manages $17 billion in assets. The company didn’t start with that level of business. Through effective management and hard work, Highland Capital became a respected firm. High-profile clients trust the firm with their money.

Mark had a great deal of help establishing the firm. His partner, James Dondero, was with him since day one. Dondero will remain in his position at the top of the company, and this will be the first time in the business’ history that Dondero won’t have his executive partner by his side. He is noted by industry observers to be a pioneer in several realms, especially in developing innovative approaches in the “Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)” market.

Okada won’t completely leave the company, though. Since he played such a pivotal role for so many years, an immediate departure would be a shock to the corporate structure. Therefore, he intends to stay on in a senior advisory role. Read This Article for related information.

His departure did not come as a surprise to anyone at Highland Capital Management. He gave the office adequate notice. So, fellow managers took steps to address the potential shake up. Responsibilities previously tasked to Okada moved to other personnel. Find More Information Here.


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Matt Fleeger’s Support in Fighting Pediatric Cancer

Matt Fleeger is the man behind the steady rise and domination of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast is a multinational company specializing in the energy sector. Its activities involve acquiring and developing oil and gas reserves. The company mainly operates on the Gulf Coast region of the United States of America. Matt Fleeger is the company’s, Chief Executive Officer. He also plays an active role in running the firm’s operations as the President of the company. Matt has recently come into the limelight following his generous donations in support of cancer patients.

Matt Fleeger gave a massive donation to the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation supports children and families fighting cancer. Sadie Keller, ten years of age, is the person who started the foundation. Sadie Keller, who is currently a fifth-grader, is a cancer survivor as she managed to beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is the brains and force behind this remarkable initiative meant to help and empower young kids just like her. Sadie’s foundation is a significant pillar of love, care, and support offered to affected families during the times they need it most.

After Sadie overcome the menace, she took it upon herself to help others who might be going through the same. The need to help others is what gave rise to the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation has been receiving massive support over the years from different people and organizations. The Mays Family Foundation, Southwest Airlines and of course Matt Fleeger are some of the main supporters of the cause.

The influential entrepreneur is known for his dedication to supporting philanthropic causes. For example, Matt is the man behind the formation of the Fleeger Family Kitchen, an organization helping kids in Texas get opportunities to STEM-based learning. Matt Fleeger’s donation of $14,000 to the Sadie Keller Foundation will go a long way in helping the foundation realize its goals. For instance, it will help in providing gift packs for children who are fighting cancer.

Vinod Gupta: Recap and General Information


This will give information about Vinod Gupta who serves at company Everest Group as a managing general partner. First, an article will be recapped from “press release jet”. Then general information will then be provided.

Vinod Gupta looks back over his life and attributes his success to an entrepreneurial spirit and a thorough understanding of the power of education. His education allowed him to take available technology forward to solve existing problems

The Vinod Gupta School of Management or (VGSoM) at the location of IIT Kharagpur had gotten ranked overall in seventh at the Management School category of rankings.

That school had gotten the highest score (“76.82 of 100”). When the scores were calculated the results had been based on factors like entrepreneurship, higher studies, and placement. Also, university examinations and the number of graduated Ph.D. students. A lot of the institutions who had ranked have an area of study that they are focused on. Management is one such example. Go To This Page for related information.

Now, some information about VGSoM. In the year 1993, the school was set up in the ITT system as the first management school. Gupta had pictured a school that would give students with a background of management and that was technological. Now, after twenty-five years following the inception, the school has greatly increased, established new benchmarks for more excellence, and also has celebrated in several accolades.

Now some general information about the early years Vinod Gupta. He was born in the village of Rampur Manhyaran located near Saharanpur close to Saharanpur, which in the North direction is a 100 miles of New Delhi. The date he was born was July 4th 1946. The village he was born in sadly contained no running water, toilets, roads, electricity, or cars and television. For college, he got his major in agricultural engineering at I.I.T., Kharagpur. In the year 1967, he received his B. Tech degree. He then went to the University of Nebraska. This University was under the guidance of Professor Bill Splinter. That professor had been visiting college ITT Karagpur.

Vinod Gupta advocates for a better life for all people. He grew up in a humble background in a remote part of India. He went through the challenges that the poor go through and therefore knows what these people go through from firsthand experience. Now that he is successful, he has gone back to the small village he came from and is making changes.


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Betsy DeVos Believes in Herself

There are so many things to do on this planet. Betsy DeVos knows that all too well. Although her existence has been pretty jam-packed so far, she’s never ever at a loss. She constantly ponders her next steps. She does a lot of things every single day. She works as a Secretary of Education. She speaks with President Donald J. Trump about the schooling system and how it may influence young pupils. She regularly chats with her husband about all sorts of pertinent topics that affect the people of the nation. She doesn’t dismiss people who are in foreign lands, either. Since she’s a political maven of sorts, she constantly has her eye on global matters.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation commands a lot of respect. It’s been commanding respect since its establishment years ago. Dick and Betsy DeVos created the group in 1989. It doesn’t take in any profits whatsoever. Betsy DeVos never does anything for financial gain. Her husband doesn’t ever do anything for monetary gain, either. They do, however, have true fondnesses for donations. They donate wherewithal to the aforementioned organization any time the opportunity strikes. These donations accomplish so much for American families.


DeVos is a lady who thrives on the job. Working for the Administration in the United States isn’t something that she ever finds tiring in any way. It’s truthfully something that exhilarates her. She doesn’t ever want to stop impacting the nation and the planet. She wants to be a force on the planet for years and years to come. She doesn’t find anything about this world cumbersome.


Does Betsy connect with her husband? She connects with Dick on all sorts of levels. Dick DeVos is an example of a bona fide All-American businessman. He’s been loyal to his hometown for a long while. The people of Grand Rapids, Michigan show him a lot of gratitude all of the time. He’s perpetually trying to make the metropolis a much better place for everyone. He doesn’t like the thought of others negatively impacting it. He gets uneasy any time others bring up Grand Rapids construction efforts.


Educational vouchers are never absent from DeVos’ mind. Betsy DeVos wants to strengthen schooling in North America. She wants to strengthen it in all different sections of the United States. She thinks about schooling matters in big cities such as Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York. She thinks about schooling matters in tiny suburbs, too. She doesn’t ever concentrate on single aspects of the nation. She takes a broad and well-rounded approach to everything.


Does DeVos ever mimic President Trump? No, she doesn’t. She’s a confident woman who does what she thinks. She’s a confident woman who never backs down from her beliefs. If other people disagree with her, she swiftly moves on. She doesn’t ever get caught up in drama. She doesn’t let confrontations with other people make her feel poorly about herself. She’s honestly one of the most self-assured ladies in the entire United States.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.

Dick DeVos is THE Businessman in Aviation

For the past few decades, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport has experienced exceptional growth. This may not be exciting to many of those outside of the aviation world, but it should be a lesson in business relationships and philanthropy. In the 1990s, the airport was falling apart and suffered stagnant growth. In fact, the airport may have filed bankruptcy if it wasn’t for one action.


Dick DeVos is the son of legendary Richard DeVos, who was the co-founder of Amway Arenas. Amway is a top Fortune 500 company even though most of its business revolves around sports arenas, and yet, the company has had record-breaking sales across the world for many years. Dick DeVos has been apart of this legacy as he served as Vice President of the company throughout the 1980s.


However, when he went back to his hometown in the 1990s, he saw that the economic depression was taking over. He wanted to help businesses, and so he started to work with business leaders in the area to change the fate of Grand Rapids. He first wanted to build up the business district. Together, the group called Grand Action built up a sports arena, performance hall, and convention center.


The convention center would play a major role in DeVos’ overall plan to save the airport and thus catapult Grand Rapids into legendary fame. Soon, Grand Rapids would become a large metropolis in western Michigan, and the airport would be handling 3.26 million or more passengers per year. However, in 2000, the airport was about to go under.


DeVos had to step in to help the airport, and he began by making a phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways. The CEO had previously worked with DeVos and wanted to make a deal with him. The airline would open up new flights to support the airport’s growth, and in turn, the airport would expand and increase ticket sales. The plan worked, and by 2010, the airport was a bustling airport. In fact, it was seeing so much action that when Southwest purchased AirTran, they kept open all of the terminals owned by the company and maintained the new flight destinations as well.


Now the airport is a model place for air travel and business travelers. There is a new business traveler center, food court, and concierge services, such as curbside pickup and fast security check-in technology.


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Clément Perrette Role in Protecting the Ocean


Clément Perrette loves taking part in community initiatives. For many years, the serial entrepreneur has used his resources to help needy people living in various parts of the globe. The business executive has worked in the capital market for the last twenty-five years, and he is one of the experts in the field.

After a very exciting career in the industry, Clement has decided to form an organization so that he can reach out to more needy people in the community. When he is not busy, the entrepreneur loves working in the film department, where he has managed to write various films. One of his films recently got an award because of its impact on society.


Call of the Blue


Everyone has a busy life. Most people do not care about the environment around them or the animals living there. Clément Perrette, on the other hand, commits to helping preserve the sea.

Recently, he helped to produce “Call of the Blue”; a book that targets a big audience concerning the sea. The book is not profit making, and its primary aim is to create awareness and inform people about effective ocean preservation projects. The book has already done well in the global market in recent months.

According to Clément Perrette, many threats are facing the ocean and the animals that live there. Some countries promote whale hunting, threatening lives of the habitants of the ocean. Plastic pollution has also proved to be a huge problem for the sea in recent decades. Go Here to learn more.

Clément Perrette wants to change this culture all over the world and encourage people to practice safe habits when near the sea. The renowned executive has also supported different initiatives in the community, especially those dealing with safe drinking water for people around the global community.


More about Perrette on https://ram-ai.com/en/communication/143-ram-active-investments-grows-its-global-fixed-income-with-the-appointment-of-clement-perrette