Empiricus Pioneers New Stock Market Philosophy


Empiricus is a company that delivers a newsletter on stock market news and conditions in Brazil. The company was founded in 2009 and is currently based in the city of Sao Paulo. Since it was first launched, Empiricus has grown at a very swift rate. It is currently experiencing a new level of influence and profitability.

Empiricus has become a well-respected source for info on the stock market in Brazil. Many experts believe that this is due to the company sharing a new kind of market philosophy with its many subscribers. Empiricus has become an institution that now numbers over 350,000 subscribers in Brazil and well beyond.

They are in partnership with the Agora. This parent organization has multiple publications in areas as diverse as health, finance and travel.

Felipe Miranda, who currently serves as a partner as well as chief strategist at Empiricus, has recently given an interview in which he makes some very valid points. Among them are a very clear breakdown of some of the guiding principles that animate the investment suggestions made by the company. See This Page for related information.

Miranda revealed that one of the most important things to keep in mind regarding the stock market, both in Brazil and in the rest of the world, is uncertainty. For this reason, Empiricus regularly advises its subscribers to invest in an asymmetrical fashion.

Another important tip that is regularly stressed by Empiricus is the need to diversify your investments. The more investments a subscriber has on the market, whether in Brazil or elsewhere, the more likely they are to score a lucky hit with one of them. Go Here for additional information.

Empiricus has long prided itself on providing the most useful and up to date info on the stock market in Brazil. Its list of subscribers has magnified as the company has become more influential and routinely relied upon. This is a trend that has contributed greatly to the continued long-term growth of the company.


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Empiricus is a successful financial information company that publishes newsletters to better help the Brazilian population learn how to trade in the stock market.

Currently, there are over 2 million readers of Empiricus’ financial information and 350,000 paid subscribers. Empiricus also owns the website, O Antagonista, in a partnership.

Empiricus is a collaborative company that has three Brazilian owners and a partner business, the Agora. The latter is a United States-based firm that specializes in the use of digital marketing.

Through the Agora partnership, Empiricus has been able to reach beyond the audience of Brazilians who already trade in the stock market to those who have had a bad experience in the market as well as to those who were mostly putting their savings in bank accounts.

The Agora was founded in 1978 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Agora is also in the publishing business and offers an array of newsletters regarding financial information, health and travel. Go Here for more information.

Financial publications offered by the decade old Empiricus include free bulletins that explain about the Brazilian stock market in brief articles as well as monthly subscription services to their paid newsletters.

By analyzing the metrics of their readers, Empiricus has been able to gain a greater subscriber base. They are planning on adding chatbots to allow customers more direct assistance on their website. Their publications are in digital form.

Empiricus fills a void for Brazilians in the middle class who were unable to afford financial publications about the stock market in the past. User metrics data has found that these customers are much more likely to invest in the stock market, now that they receive the Empiricus publications, rather than leaving savings in bank accounts.

There are now a million Brazilians who invest in their stock market, which is an important milestone for the country. In the past, Brazilians were far less likely to invest in their stock market than people from other countries – even compared to citizens from other South American countries. See This Page to learn more.


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Empiricus Offers Transparent and Relevant Financial Market Information


Empiricus is a Brazilian company that runs operations out of Sao Paulo. The company publishes financial content along with investment ideas. To date, the company maintains memberships of over 350,000 subscribers. Published content topics cover real estate, equities, fixed income, and real estate funds. Empiricus also maintains a formidable analyst team comprised of 30 industry professionals.

Empiricus also promotes Brazilian events where leaders around the world can provide thought leadership and share ideas. Past attendees have included a Nobel laureate, well-respected industry writers, and a Federal Reserve chairman. Add to the list a former president and a number of respected economists.

Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden founded the company in 2009. They were both university professors. The two founders more recently negotiated a business partnership with an American company called Agora. Agora partners with more than 16 countries that publish financial content. Empiricus’s attention to financial market details and knowledge of local business rules helped grow the company’s base in a major way from 2013 to 2018. Now there are more than two million people who follow Empiricus along with its growing base of subscribers.

Transparency and honesty are the keys that make Empiricus a success. The company believes that completely accurate market predictions are impossible to make. Instead, the company pursues asymmetries and calculations that have a reasonable chance of success and that speak to commons sense. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Data is important and far more relevant than mere rhetoric and false promises when it comes to finance. Empiricus follows this approach in all of its business dealings. The company also encourages members and readers to diversify their investments. Get More Information Here.

They know that every investor will sometimes make mistakes. Within a controlled environment, those mistakes are likely to be far fewer with relevant data and analytics. The company earns most of its income through newsletters and paid bulletins. The company thrives on sharing valuable information about asset diversification and additional information that covers inflation and interest rates.


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How Empiricus Innovated Financial Information In South America


There are tens of millions of stock market investors around the world. Around one million of those investors are based in the growing Brazilian market. To help this growing investment population, one Brazil based financial newsletter company is offering leading-edge education and stock market insight. That company, Empiricus, is known as one of the fastest-growing newsletter companies in the world.

Empiricus was founded by three Brazilian entrepreneurs Caio Mesquita, Rodolfo Amstalde and Felipe Miranda. The company also owns a half interest in the popular South American website O Antagonista along with fellow entrepreneurs Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi. With both the financial newsletter and online business, Empiricus is one of the most notable information companies in the Brazil market.

Currently, Empircius has 350,000 paid subscribers in the South America market. This makes them one of the largest financial education and information companies in the South American market. The company’s large size is thanks to a strategic partnership with financial newsletter giant Agora Financial. Find Related Information Here.

With the Agora Financial partnership, Empircius has been able to use their partner’s vast wealth of marketing information including proving digital marketing tools. The partnership is expected to continue and help drive growth to the Brazilian financial information and education company.

Empricus has two target markets when it comes to their products. First, the company is looking to target brand new investors who have never made a trade in their life. Also, Empiricus targets novice investors who had previous poor experience with investing and may be resistant to getting back in the market. See This Article to learn more.

Empiricus’ impact on the investing market has been positive. A recent market report gauged investor participation before and after using Empiricus information products. Before getting their first information product, only 35% of the paid subscribers were invested in the market. After receiving their financial products, market participation jumped to 60%. Looking ahead, Empiricus hopes to bring more South Americans into the investing world.


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It is a commonly known fact that more than half of all American investors currently invest in stock markets. Yet for many other countries, this is not the case quite yet. When it comes to South American countries, such as Chile and Columbia, some boast impressive 30% or greater percentages of their populations that are invested into the markets.

A surprising and sometimes little known fact about one in South America’s largest nations, Brazil, is that only 20% of the population is currently in the markets! Yet there is one educational, subscriber-based group in Brazil that is aiming to increase these statistics. See Related Link for additional information.

Empiricus group, a Brazilian investment group that is currently 350,000 members strong, is able to spread investment education across their country and across the world. Empiricus specialize in providing valuable market information through their newsletters.

The company is the result of a relationship with American “The Agora”, as well as some prominent Brazilian businessman include Felipe Miranda, Rodolfo Amstalden and Caio Mesquita.

In a 2018 Empiricus survey, it was found that about half of all respondents kept their money in savings while another 35% invested their money. Yet, after working with Empiricus, it was found that the numbers dramatically shifted toward 15% savings and 60% investments in the markets. This just goes to show the effectiveness of Empiricus and the accuracy of their newsletter. Visit This Page to learn more.

Without the trust in the reliability of their newsletters, such numbers would not have shifted as they did. Stock markets present excellent opportunities for those who know how to harness their power, and Empiricus is one such Brazilian group that is helping people to jump into the markets and change their financial lives forever.


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Empiricus Helps Investors to make Good Decisions to Influence their Financial Future


Empiricus is an investment publication resource for millions of people who want to invest their money in various outlets. The company was started in 2009 by three former university professors. Their names are Caio Mesquita, Rodolfo Amstalden and Felipe Miranda. They wanted to bring investment ideas and opportunities to the masses. Their publications are designed to serve this purpose.

Investors need solid information about different outlets for investing their money. This information typically helps investors to diversify their holdings. It also gives them an advantage with maintaining a constant revenue stream or it can increase their revenue.

While Empiricus operates primarily in Brazil, the organization does have international opportunities for people in other parts of the world. They have partnered with Agora which is an American based investment publishing outfit. They have an international reach of 16 different countries. What this does is provide risk takers with a greater opportunity to invest their money in different parts of the world.

These investors will take the information that they receive from Empiricus and put it to work for them. Empiricus’ founders would never provide their subscriber with faulty or wrong investment information. They vet every opportunity to make sure it is legit and a realistic way for an investor to increase their holdings.

Having knowledge of professional investing opportunities is essential for people who want to risk their money in new ventures. This is why Empiricus goes above and beyond for helping people to make the right decisions about their money. They just want to make sure that people have the best investment strategies. This will in turn influence their financial futures in the right direction. Get Related Information Here.

Empiricus investment advice is also simple to understand and easy to implement. They will even provide subscribers with the steps they need to make investments into the key areas that they recommend. Their investment advice is not complicated and the average investor can put it into practice without any trouble. Empiricus wants to ensure that their subscribers are getting the best information for their short and long term investment goals. See This Article for additional information.


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