Graeme Holm; Offering Better Financial Alternatives through Infinity Group Australia

In cordial partnership, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker dedicated an entire six months in 2013 to bring to life a business idea that sort to find answers to problems in the mortgage market in Australia. This was based on the conclusion that a lot of families lacked sufficient guidance and support for the services provided. Graeme Holm, in particular, was not impressed by the fact that financial institutions gave these families bad deals. With this in mind, Graeme was determined to change that situation through the Infinity Group Australia that was run by the principle of having a personal trainer on board to cater for the finance concept.

Infinity Group Australia stood out due to the unique approach it took to attain financial fitness. Everyday Australians now had the chance to be more productive through the acquisition of wealth and clearance of debts which consequently results in a secure future. The company-based success protocol was specifically tailored to reflect integrity, care, passion, and most importantly trust. This gave every family an opportunity to have fair deals regardless of their financial ability. So far one thing is clear; Infinity Group Australia challenges other financial institutions through one on one consistent guidance and support given to its clients.

It is therefore not a surprise that this new approach has yielded results thus proving to be valid. An approximate of $41,000 of client debt is cleared within 12 months through Infinity Group Australia. An outstanding 100 percent of clients are now able to cover all home loans within three months and this even beats the previous 12 months wait. It is not a surprise, therefore, to note that Infinity Group Australia does not follow the traditional broker processes throughout their operations. An initial step includes in-depth analyzation of a client’s household expenses and comparing it to their needs and wants.

Clients are steered towards coming up with a cash-based budget that is run weekly and covers all expenses inclusive of groceries, fuel, entertainment, and travel. Holm is known for his financial philosophy which states “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it.” Through his company, every dollar is accounted for and serves a purpose to the whole wellbeing of its user. Most people who have had contact with this technique have shown great appreciation through reviews and positive remarks. For instance, one client is grateful to the company for helping her create long-term goals and bring them to realization. This is beneficial in the sense that a person can seek early retirement and still have a secured fortune.

About Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm serves as the director of Infinity Group Australia after a good 17 years in the financial sector with about 10 years of banking experience. It is during this period that he took note of the tiny details of people’s plight when it came to financial situations and decided to seek a long-term solution for the issue. Today, he is proud to say that every Australian has the right to go to bed at peace without worrying about living from paycheck to paycheck.

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