All you need to know about programmatic advertising from Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO at KOI IXS, a digital marketing agency. Through his agency, Miranda has been instrumental in helping improve the overall standing of several businesses and brands locally and internationally. Apart from these, however, he has regularly been offering his insights and advice on best business practices and current trends in business and marketing. He recently sought to expound on the whole aspect of programmatic advertising.

Having been in the industry for some time now, Edwin Miranda says he has seen the gradual growth of digital marketing. He appreciates its dynamic aspect looking at how it changes with time. The most talked about form of digital marketing has hitherto been mobile and social media. However, he is quick to note that a new trend on the form of programmatic advertising is taking over.

Despite its initial slow start, programmatic advertising has slowly gained traction and earned the trust of most business owners and advertisers. In fact, Edwin Miranda notes that well over 50 percent of marketers have heavily invested in this trend with the hope of earning their ROI in no time.

Programmatic advertising works by being more specific in its messaging. For instance, instead of using one copied messaged to all prospective clients, marketers are now being given a chance to customize each message based on the target audience. By using these personalized messages that target the specific interest of the prospective customers, it makes it much easier for them to remote more with the message.

The best thing about the form of digital advertising is that it requires minimal human interference. It works by analyzing user behavior in your website, thus helping create specific ads for them. With the use of such special software, you get to save both money and time that would otherwise be lost in the process.

Bhanu Choudhrie, Accumulation Of Winning Information

Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and CEO of Alpha Group which is a business based in India. He is an advocate for learning and growing as a result from that learning in order to expand himself and to expand his business which is what he has been doing with Alpha Group. Even after attending a University for his business degree he decided to retake business courses in order to learn what was relevant in economics today. For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, view his Crunchbase profile

From what Bhanu Choudhrie claims it was hard to just get in to Harvard as is with most of the students there. Once he arrived however he experienced a huge culture shock which comprised of people not treating him with any special regard. He was used to being regarded as the boss and on top of that he was used to being of a higher status because people worked for him and sought out his attention. Now it’s him working for his grades and making tremendous amounts of effort to pay attention to the teacher in school. He describes this as being a humbling experience but continued with the three week programs he enrolled in. At the time Harvard was conducting a careful study on how well an entrepreneur could hold up under the pressure of owning a business metaphorically. Due to this study his classes consisted of students and teachers constantly trying to debate each others views on what the best practices were for business. This was beneficial for Bhanu Choudhrie because he was able to sharpen his plans in regards to Alpha Group. Alpha Group is a business that helps individuals and entrepreneurs to raise and grow their portfolios. Whether or not the businesses starting out are in an emerging market or existing market does not matter to Alpha Group. Bhanu Choudhrie of Alpha Group will help it either of the startup to get off the ground and become successful even if the startup is having difficulties surviving. They also help business owners who no longer want to take as much business risk and instead grow their investments through the real estate market.


Ara Chackerian Sees Opportunity in Behavior

The fact of the matter is that our behaviors are everything, it is our behaviors that drive our results and show us where we will go in life.

Behavior according to Wikipedia is the idea of a series of characteristics, patterns, and actions. Going further into this concept of behavior, one would see that it is all about the different movements and mannerisms that are presented by a specific person on a regular basis. The sum of all these characteristics and how they manifest for the individual in real life through their various actions is what is construed as a behavior.

Now, behavior doesn’t just have to be something that an individual does, it can something that is extrapolated to a larger organization, culture, society, or system. A behavior can even be present in robotics and other forms of artificial life.

The behavior is created by several things.

The first important aspect to realize is that behavior can from within. Different personality traits can be reinforced over time with different types of exposure that can then become a behavior over time.

The second component of behavior is that of the local environment. An individual would develop a behavior or a set of behaviors depending on their interaction with their surrounding environment. These different interactions with an outside environment create different experiences, different stimuli, and variables that can have a deep impact on the individual. Continuous exposure to certain variables and inputs can form the behavior of an individual over time. These behavior creations may not be overt, they may be subtle, as such it is important for one to realize these changes and fix them if they are harmful if compounded over time.

Ara Chackerian and Behavioral Health

Professionals such as Ara Chackerian see that there is a need for the integration of technology within this field of health. If proper techniques through technology were applied to the sector, one would be able to realize significant changes in human capital.

Ara Chackerian aims to help foster more opportunity in this space with his experience within the healthcare sector. Read more about Ara Chackerian:


Music Legend, Cassio Audi Becomes a prominent Chief Financial Officer

Cassio Audi Music Career

Sao Paulo native, Cassio Audi is a famous financial executive manager and music icon. He has excelled all through his career. Cassio Audi career road began as a musician in a rock band in the early 1980s. He performed in a group of five teenage. He thrilled the success of the band with his skills in playing the drum. The Viper band gained international recognition within a short while. Cassio Audi left the band in 1989 to pursue another path.


Cassio Audi Professional Growth and Skills

With his savings, he joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Shortly after, he landed a job offer as stock and fixed income analyst at JP Morgan. To sharpen his skill and expound his understanding he enrolled for his master in Business Administration. From one success to another, he joined Gillette and served for ten years as the chief financial officer. He has been spearheading the success of various companies.

Cassio Audi does not settle for a lesser deal, he left Gillette and joined Brookfield Asset Management holding the same position. He is skillful in accounting and financial management, business planning, modeling and analysis, resource management, controllership and decision support, and business growth.

Visit his website:

Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Creates Jobs, Continues a Dynasty

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex: the world’s most popular Eucalyptus company, and first to sell eco-friendly products to The Home Depot. Flavio is the grandson of the owner of the first huge sawmill in South America. As a matter of fact, for a brief period of time, his grandfather owned the largest sawmill in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Flavio’s company proudly sells eco-friendly products to home improvement stores for flooring products, paints and stains, and wood products themselves all made from the renewable Eucalyptus tree. As a natural germicide and killer of bacteria and viruses which is highly coveted within the healthcare industry for its potent cleansing abilities, Eucalyptus wood is also highly renewable in nature. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

Having been born from a successful family, it would have been very easy for young Flavio to ride on the coattails of his family’s success and not make a name for himself. But instead, Flavio decided to go to school and get his Bachelor’s degree and study business so that he could enter the family business with a truly successful background that matched theirs. So after this, Flavio started at the lower levels of Eucatex in order to understand all aspects of the business in hopes of one day doing things on the corporate level.

Having done that, Flavio was invited by his uncle to join the corporate board and eventually was promoted and rose the ranks through his hard work and business acumen to become the Chief Executive Officer. Since Flavio was rising the ranks, the company reached out to create a partnership with North America’s largest home repair store at the time: The Home Depot. They have also created numerous jobs in a self-sustaining industry which many workers will be able to pass down to their children. In this way, Eucatex is not only the preeminent Eucalyptus brand in the world, but it has also set the stage for future generations to come to have jobs as well.



Into the life of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the Executive Chairman and founder of QI group of companies, a multinational conglomerate with interests like direct selling, real estate, education, retail around the world. He is also a motivational speaker and the author of a best selling book – In the Sphere of Silence. However, in 1998 he established his direct selling network that quickly took a turn for the best and grew into the company known today in South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa. In the last 20 years, his company has managed to train and teach around one million entrepreneurs to shine across the most challenging markets in the globe.

With the company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, Eswaran has shown his love for mentoring in the most significant way possible by establishing Quest International University Perak with the collaboration of the government in 2011. Being the fastest growing university in Malaysia, it is providing quality and research-based education. The QI group of companies is also building a 300 million worth of city that will provide accommodation, hospital and retail space and will also be the new headquarter of the company.

In one of his interviews, Eswaran claims to take an interest in the lives of his customers and what their stories are and to connect with them. He says this helps him make a connection with his business stronger. He has been included in the top four businessmen of Malaysia in the Forbes magazine. He said that he feels extremely humbled by this honor and that he still remembers the values of service to humanity that has been instilled in him by his family from a very young age for which he is very grateful. When asked about the initial times of his business he stated that he was not at all sure about the future and everything seemed to go downhill. However, with the help and support of like-minded people and his wife, he feels like he has conquered it all.