Brian Torchin Article

Brian Torchin is CEO and Presedent of HCRC Staffing agency and has spent several years opening and managing successful medical offices in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Brian Torchin started staffing his offices with professional physicians, physical therapists, and other medical professionals in the field.

Torchin spends his many resources and precious time working mindfully and making sure each and every client he has worldwide are treated with the utmost respect. Today Mr. Torchin is heavily involved in the healthcare industry and does not plan on stopping soon. Brian Torchin believes in being a detailed-orientated leader and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Mr. Torchin has built and ascertained many long-term relationships with his many clients around the world. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Mr. Torchin works fervently to provide both his employees and his customers with quality solutions while at the same time staying respectful to his client’s desires. Mr. Torchin has a current client base of over 200 in countries like Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States of America. And, Torchin connects with various enterprises, groups, and organizations who are involbed in healthcare such as private practices and urgent care facilities. Since the founding of his company, Torchin has mainatined being a successful team player on the company and has also applied methods of consultation and direction to the clients he has.

Torchin’s goal is to provide fast and efficient solutions to customers wishes while being able to answer any questions or concerns his clients may have. He continues to consistently write in-depth articles on the firm’s blog and believes in staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends while working in the healthcare field. Clients have described him as being able to provide extreme comprehensive solutions to his clients while being a very consistent man. Mr. Torchin has been a important part of the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors and Torchin is successfully staffing the healthcare industry in a big way. Read more: