Boraie Development’s Vision for New Jersey

Boraie Development is a company based out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The current President is named Omar Boraie. It was founded in 1986 with the goal of bringing life back to the local area. During the last several decades Boraie Development has completed countless projects, and brought the local area back to life. In many ways, Omar and his company have surpassed all expectations in amount of development they have completed.

An article on the website Philly Purge recently discussed the real estate market in New Jersey and how Boraie Development has forever changed landscape of New Jersey. According to Zillow, a major real estate tracking company, New Jersey was well behind the rest of the country on real estate potential. This is due to high unemployment and foreclosure rates. However, someone still saw potential in the local market and wanted to take action.

Boraie Development now stands as one of the top development companies. They have many connections to ensure projects are innovative and get completed in a timely manner. They specialize in several areas in the production of real estate. They begin by attracting tenants and partners who are committed for the long-term projects. Then Boraie Development reforms the finances and building plans. Finally, they maintain work on the property long after the projects are completed. This makes Boraie Development a highly trusted company with real dedication to the work they do. It brings in long-term revenue on their projects, while maintaining a high presence in the community. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Compared to even several decades ago, the New Brunswick, New Jersey area has seen massive changes. There are now countless new buildings, and the city is bubbling with life. Omar Boraie and his team at Boraie Development have gone above and beyond in achieving their goal. The future continues to look brighter for the area as Boraie Development shows no signs of slowing down. You can visit their website

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  1. When it deals with development for real estate I have the interest and desire to work in here but my heart is in human development. Furthering this idea review could have done some more to help in New Jersey with their starts at that time. Although this has been near the end to bring the Boraie team together to build a world of progress.

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