Ashley Lightspeed: The Stanford Graduate Who Is Daring To Fly At Lightspeed

At Stanford, she was the vice president of the influential arts and media club. To her, she sees the world in terms of creations. This vision gives her an edge as a partner at Lightspeed Venture.

Ashley Lightspeed is tasked with the enviable task of discovering unicorns. Often, discoveries force you to scour through details to separate wheat within the heap of chaff—a task that is not so enviable. Sometimes you uncover the lies swept under the rag, and you have to be the bearer of bad news that Lightspeed will not invest.

To do the best at what she is tasked to do, she uses her experience and unique talents to discover a rare gem in a world of opportunistic founders. Lightspeed has invested in at least 15 start-ups on average every year since 2000. In the process, they have uncovered gems such as Telegram, Snap Inc. and Goop. They have invested in virtually every industry there is in the market. See article at

Her background is arts, media, and entertainment, but her passion goes beyond that. She wants to be a player in the creation of wonderful products. Great products bring customers who can guarantee the company a sustainable future. Entrepreneurs must recognize the value of creating a unique product that solves a pressing need.

When she meets entrepreneurs, she wants to see the real craft in the idea. Thanks to her insights, Lightspeed Venture continues to do well in the consumer investing area. Ashley Lightspeed brings in a wealth of traits necessary to make her succeed in her role as an investment partner.

Her Silicon Valley experience is diverse. She started Bain as a consultant. She did well there, and she even joined a senior level consulting team. At Thumbtack, she did the same to become the customer experience manager. Read more: