Becoming Jana Lightspeed

Lightspeed Venture Partners is an investment network that has provided backing to over 300 companies that have gone on to revolutionize the way society functions. Jana Messerschmidt is currently a Partner at the firm and she had been investing for years before becoming Jana Lightspeed in 2018. A graduate of the University of Illinois in Computer Engineering (in which she made up a part of only five per cent of the women that finished the programme), Jana believes that anyone in the field of tech operation should learn how to code for the sake of understanding the way gadgets work at the basic level.

Due to her experience, she served at Netflix as their director of business development where she was at the center of several aggressive business strategies that led to important partnerships for the company. This led to the growth and diversification of the company. Following this, she was the Vice President of Global Development of Twitter where she repeated her success and was at the center of affiliations with companies such as Apple and Google.

Also prior to becoming Jana Lightspeed, she was the founder of #ANGELS. This was born out of her vision and belief on the matter of women in technology. She believes that there is an imbalance in the gender ratio and that leads to the industry not realizing its full potential. She decided to provide a platform where women could have support for innovative tech ideas through investment in their startups.

While she has not left #ANGELS, she went on (after a short hiatus to refocus) to become Jana Lightspeed. After joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, she became more mainstream in the investment industry. She has stated that while her priority is being Lightspeed and investing on that front, she will continue to be a part of the support system for women at #ANGELS.