All you need to know about programmatic advertising from Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO at KOI IXS, a digital marketing agency. Through his agency, Miranda has been instrumental in helping improve the overall standing of several businesses and brands locally and internationally. Apart from these, however, he has regularly been offering his insights and advice on best business practices and current trends in business and marketing. He recently sought to expound on the whole aspect of programmatic advertising.

Having been in the industry for some time now, Edwin Miranda says he has seen the gradual growth of digital marketing. He appreciates its dynamic aspect looking at how it changes with time. The most talked about form of digital marketing has hitherto been mobile and social media. However, he is quick to note that a new trend on the form of programmatic advertising is taking over.

Despite its initial slow start, programmatic advertising has slowly gained traction and earned the trust of most business owners and advertisers. In fact, Edwin Miranda notes that well over 50 percent of marketers have heavily invested in this trend with the hope of earning their ROI in no time.

Programmatic advertising works by being more specific in its messaging. For instance, instead of using one copied messaged to all prospective clients, marketers are now being given a chance to customize each message based on the target audience. By using these personalized messages that target the specific interest of the prospective customers, it makes it much easier for them to remote more with the message.

The best thing about the form of digital advertising is that it requires minimal human interference. It works by analyzing user behavior in your website, thus helping create specific ads for them. With the use of such special software, you get to save both money and time that would otherwise be lost in the process.