Looking Into The Future With Marc Beer

Marc Beer has accomplished a lot of things throughout his career. Recently he took the leap to start working as a Chairman on the Board for a company called LumeNXT. This company helps design products that are used during surgeries. Working in the medical field has always been important to Marc Beer, but became even more important after he lost his wife at a very young age. 


Marc Beer has put a lot of time and effort into the causes he is working with in the medical field. Marc Beer’s work with LumeNXT has helped him to gain a lot of professional experience. LumeNXT has allowed him to take his expertise to the international level. Marc Beer has a lot of plans for future of LumeNXT. He hopes to be able to come up with a lot of advancements that are going to take surgical procedures to the next level.


Marc Beer has worked very hard with a company that he has helped to develop treatments and other things to help women who are suffering from pelvic floor complications. He has even came up with different things that allow people to be able to save stem cells from umbilical cord blood. 


Marc Beer has worked really hard throughout the years to make sure that he has done everything that he can to change the lives of as many people as he can. He is still working hard to try and come up with as many ground breaking medical advancements as he can. He knows that the medical field is something that is going to continue to change daily. Marc Beer is glad that he decided to jump into the medical field. 


Marc Beer has big plans to continue trying to come up with as many medical advances as he can. He hopes that he will be able to help out many more people in the future. He knows that developing medical advancements is a hard thing to do, but he also knows that by doing so you are changing the lives of thousands of people and even given them a chance at life. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=1285777&privcapId=47636573


Marc Beer is proud to say that he has made a lot of accomplishments throughout the years. He is proud of the work that he has done. He is proud to say that through this work he has been able to provide for his family. He is proud to say that it has provided him with a life that has allowed him to spend most of his time with his kids. Marc Beer has created a great life for himself and he is excited to see what the future is going to hold for him.

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Iskandar Safa: The Man Behind Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the company, the Privinvest Group. The company was founded by Iskandar and his brother, Akram Safa, close to three decades ago. Privinvest is a successful company located in Germany, which manages three different Naval Yards’ shipbuilding facilities. The naval yards currently owned by Privinvest are the German Naval Yards Kiel, Lindenau, and Nobiskrug.

Safa attended the American University of Beirut and received a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in the year 1978. He went on to study at the INSEAD in France, and he was granted a Master’s in Business Administration in 1982. Immediately after graduate school, he began his career in trading. It was not until 1990 that he started to shift his interest to shipbuilding. Get Additional Information Here.

In the early ’90s, Iskandar Safa established his first shipyard facility, which was called Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie. The facility is located in France and became a successful business within two short years. His career in shipbuilding began to advance, and he eventually bought out the Abu Dhabi MAR naval group in 2011. Now, Privinvest is the owner of the shares of the Abu Dhabi MAR group along with the German Naval Yards.

Privinvest consists of more than 2,500 workers that has built over 2,000 ships for the navies and private clients and companies throughout the world. In addition, Privinvest runs several shipyards and other businesses in France, Germany, and the Middle East. With the impressive success of the company, Iskandar Safa remains humble in how it came about.

He is satisfied that Privinvest is a continuously busy company that has expanded its focuses on other duties besides shipbuilding, which are real estate, media roles, and logistic tasks. Safa believes his company will not have any trouble continuing to grow and prosper with the current and future economy. See This Page for additional information.


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Learning More About What Highland Capital Management Is All About


Financial services is one of the largest sectors that makes up the United States economy, which happens to be the largest in the world. Although most of this industry’s competitors are involved in mainstream dealings, such as lending mortgages to laypeople, providers of niche services, such as the management of assets using alternative strategies, is equally as important.

Highland Capital Management is one of the leading alternative investment management service providers throughout all of North America, a spot that the Texan firm has held for nearly two full decades now.

The firm was created in 1993 by a pair of entrepreneurs, Mark Okada and James Dondero, each of whom had spent roughly 10 years in various positions across the greater world of financial services here in the United States before coming together and founding Highland Capital Management. Go Here for more information.


Where all does Highland Capital Management offer its services?

Most of Highland Capital Management’s work is done from the firm’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, though the firm also manages international offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Singapore; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Seoul, South Korea. View Additional Info Here.

Highland Capital Management also oversees an office in New York City, New York, to be close to Wall Street, which serves as the epicenter of financial instrument exchange on a global scale.


More about Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital first entered the European investment market in 2014 with help from Banco do Brasil through what is named the BB Highland Floating Rate Fund, one of many closed-end funds that Highland currently manages.

More recently, in mid-2018, the firm came out with a “UCITS Fund” – undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities – that mostly deals with collateralized loan obligation debt.

Highland Capital Management is also considered a conglomerate. The main subsidiary it oversees is Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.


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Empiricus is a successful financial information company that publishes newsletters to better help the Brazilian population learn how to trade in the stock market.

Currently, there are over 2 million readers of Empiricus’ financial information and 350,000 paid subscribers. Empiricus also owns the website, O Antagonista, in a partnership.

Empiricus is a collaborative company that has three Brazilian owners and a partner business, the Agora. The latter is a United States-based firm that specializes in the use of digital marketing.

Through the Agora partnership, Empiricus has been able to reach beyond the audience of Brazilians who already trade in the stock market to those who have had a bad experience in the market as well as to those who were mostly putting their savings in bank accounts.

The Agora was founded in 1978 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Agora is also in the publishing business and offers an array of newsletters regarding financial information, health and travel. Go Here for more information.

Financial publications offered by the decade old Empiricus include free bulletins that explain about the Brazilian stock market in brief articles as well as monthly subscription services to their paid newsletters.

By analyzing the metrics of their readers, Empiricus has been able to gain a greater subscriber base. They are planning on adding chatbots to allow customers more direct assistance on their website. Their publications are in digital form.

Empiricus fills a void for Brazilians in the middle class who were unable to afford financial publications about the stock market in the past. User metrics data has found that these customers are much more likely to invest in the stock market, now that they receive the Empiricus publications, rather than leaving savings in bank accounts.

There are now a million Brazilians who invest in their stock market, which is an important milestone for the country. In the past, Brazilians were far less likely to invest in their stock market than people from other countries – even compared to citizens from other South American countries. See This Page to learn more.


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GPB Global Resources Discusses Oil Indstry Areas for Improvement

GPB Global Resources engages in oil exploration on an international basis. The firm operates out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The company also operates in Africa and South America. There are 54 countries in Africa. Each country has its own legal environment with respect to its natural resources. GPB Global Resources takes this into consideration when considering drilling operations. There are regional, national, and local laws to consider when seeking a license to operate.

GPB Global Resources also recognizes the physical challenges of drilling for oil and gas in remote regions of Africa. This often means there is little infrastructure in place that can support a drilling operation. Local political situations can also present challenges. A successful business partnership will consider developing a region’s infrastructure in areas where development can do the most good. Rebuilding an infrastructure can involve roads, power plants, new water systems, healthcare, and schools.

Major economies will continue to use oil and gas as major energy sources for the next 50 years. The goal of companies, like GPB Global Resources, is to find new methods for improving operations and long-term sustainability. Software improvements for geological modeling will also help improve drilling operations. Inspection and safety techniques are at the top of the list as well.

Boris Ivanov is the founder of GPB Global Resources. He believes that companies in the extraction business should all place greater emphasis on technology and research and development. This enables companies to properly address extraction environments and to attract and retain the very best talent. Oil and gas extraction companies will have to stay on top of new technology to remain competitive.

Companies must also stay on top of what happens with trade wars such as those that the U.S. and China choose to engage in. Boris Ivanov thinks that AI can impact the oil business. He also thinks that the industry will remain a relationship business for the most part.

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About Alexis Kennedy’s Lovecraftian Apocalyptic Creation “Cultist Simulator”

Double-BAFTA nominated Lovecraft-eque apocalyptic game Cultist Simulator was designed by Alexis Kennedy, who also created Sunless Sea and Fallen London. Cultist Simulator can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, Steam, Humble, GOG, and itch.io.

Cultist Simulator sees the player, a seeker of unholy mysteries, perform such actions as summoning spirits, hand-crafting their own tools, stealing forbidden treasures, summoning alien gods, and teaching their ways to and thus converting innocent pupils within the 1920s-themed setting of hidden history and concealed gods in the game. Whether the player just wants to play along and make their choices to see where things go, or if they wish to play a certain way in pursuit of knowledge, secrets, beauty, or revenge. Players can choose between conditions of sane and insane victory, and at any point the player could self-destruct by way of their inner demons. But regardless of the player’s fate, their students, disciples, and victims may carry on their legacy or serve up some vengeance.

The game is a combination of Alexis Kennedy’s intense prose, game crafting skills, and the paralleled victory conditions. Cultist Simulator’s Kickstarter raised almost 300 percent of the funds needed back in 2017 and has been double-BAFTA nominated. The game was released for PC on May 13st, 2018 and then almost a year later, April 2nd, 2019, for mobile platforms.

Alexis Kennedy is a renowned game designer, author, and the founder of Failbetter Games, where he created many of his unique brand of games. He speaks at universities and conferences all over the nation about the topics of narrative design and interactive writing. His game creating credits include Cultist Simulator, Dragon Age: ‘Joplin,’ Dragon Age: The Last Court, Sunless Sea, Fallen London, Machine Cares, StoryNexus, Stellaris: ‘Horizon Signal,’ The Night Circus, StoryNexus, and an unnanounced Telltale project.


An Inside Look At Highland Capital Management’s Income Fund Portfolio


Highland Capital Management recently released its annual report on the performance of its Highland Income Fund. The Highland Income Fund, also known as the “Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund”, is available for public investors and is currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol HFRO.

This fund has been in operation for more than 15 years, and each investment in the portfolio is personally directed by Highland Capital Management’s co-founder Jim Dondero. The Highland Income Fund employs several strategies to help investors profit from moves in the world’s benchmark interest rates. Go Here for additional information.

Primarily, the fund invests in opportunities that provide above-average return potentials without the downside risk of other investment opportunities. Highland Capital has always been an active investor in high-yield bonds and other debt instruments, and the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund allocates its holding among multiple industries.


More specifically, the Income Fund’s current portfolio includes:

  • Creek Pine Holdings, LLC – Creek Pine Holdings is a collection of companies that specializes in investing the capital of family offices and sophisticated private investors. This family of corporations specializes in venture capital and private equity investments.
  • NFRO REIT Sub, LLC – Highland’s investments in the NFRO REIT are designed to produce consistent income for shareholders, as this portfolio company has the mandate to pay its owners more than 90% of taxable income as a dividend in any given year.
  • EDS Legacy Partners, LLC – As a former spin-off of the late Ross Perot’s Electronic Data System, EDS Legacy Partners invests in emerging electronic technologies. The company also partners with private equity firms around the country to buy and sell real estate related to data servers and America’s overall technological infrastructure.

To date, the Highland Capital Management Income Fund has returned more than 3.5%, and prospects for further returns continue to look bright. See This Page for related information.


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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Is All About Being Innovative In His Work

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is from Venezuala and attended college in the United States. He was enrolled in Suffolk University in Massachusetts, where he studied business administration and economics. He went back to Venezuela after graduating and started working with oil. He knew a lot about what it takes to be sustainable and pushed for better practices in the company. He loves working with modern technology and is all about making things better as he started working with sustainable energy.

Read more: Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Embracing Innovation and the Diversity of the New

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez started working in other areas and got experience with finance and more. He worked with modern retail products and as an entrepreneur, and he has made everything that he has done with his businesses all about modern technology. He works all over, in Europe, South America, and Africa, and he does a lot of work with the internet and making communication better. He says that a lot of work goes into being an entrepreneur and that the changes that he brings about in his companies are not quick and easy but they take time. Being innovative is important to him and he says that the effort that goes into making his company that way is worth it.

One of the ways Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has made his entrepreneurial career successful is by paying attention to what others are doing and what products and services they offer. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez says that by seeing what the competition is doing, he can create something that is a better value for his customers. He is always trying to learn and grow as an entrepreneur, as well, and he believes that it is important to be innovative in all that he does. He wants his work to be cutting edge, and he has made the power company that he worked with into a leader in Venezuela.

Benefits of Joining Kynect Energy


Kynect Energy is a utility services providing company that offers energy services, wireless, and personal protection services.

The uniqueness of Kynect is that it does combine service providing with network marketing and creates benefits not only for its customers but also for its associates. People join Kynect because they trust the reputation of the company and the quality of services it provides. Most of the associates stay with the company to make a decent income and improve their lives.

When Rob Snyder, the founder of Kynect, decided to create a company, he wanted it to benefit a wide range of people around the world. Since 2005, Kynect grew into a leading company that provides utility services while saving money for their customers.

Employees of Kynect have different options to make money. One way is to communicate with customers and sell the company’s services. Also, they can earn money by inviting other people to work for the company. Kynect allows its employees to choose their own working hours and work from any location they want to work from.

Although Kynect promises it’s employees a good income, it does not guarantee that every associate will be able to earn the amount of money they are planning to make. Employees are responsible for the time and energy they put into work. Get Related Information Here.

However, Kynect suggests its employees make weekly or monthly financial goals and put enough work ethic to achieve their goals. Also, Kynect recommends its associates to sign up for the company’s services themselves and spread the word among their friends and family members. See This Page for more information.

Due to the company’s flexible hours system, many associates combine their regular work in other companies with the job in Kynect. Most often, employees of Kynect invite their friends to join the company and make money while enjoying the company’s services.


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Iskandar Safa And His Empire


What to Know about Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa is known to be one of the richest men in Lebanon. Iskandar is also the owner of the Privinvest Group. Safa was born in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. His family had a civil engineering company, so he decided that he wanted to learn to be a civil engineer. Safa had to face adversity in his life.

There was a civil war in his country when he was younger, and he was even shot. In spite of that, Safa was determined to achieve his goals. Safa got his civil engineering degree from the American University of Beirut. Later, he attended INSEAD in France where he obtained his MBA. Go Here for additional information.


An Interview with Iskandar Safa

Recently, superyachttimes.com did an interview with Iskandar Safa. In the interview, Safa spoke about his success and how he was able to start his successful shipbuilding company. In the early 1990s, Safa started a shipbuilding company when he acquired an old shipyard in France. Within a relatively short period of time, he was able to transform the shipyard into a thriving company.

Over 30 years ago, Safa and his brother founded Privinvest. Privinvest is now known to be one of the leading shipbuilding companies in Europe and the Middle East. Privinvest has delivered more than 2000 vessels around the world. Apart from that, the company employs around 2500 international employees.



Nobiskrug is a Privinvest shipyard that is located in Germany. The history of this shipyard dates back to the early 1900s. Nobiskrug is a popular shipyard in Europe because it has built some of the most innovative superyachts in Europe. Iskandar Safa believes that business will continue to grow in the yacht building industry, and he is determined to obtain more contracts and deliver higher quality vessels.


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