Jeremy Goldstein’ Philanthropic Excellence

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent New York attorney, is back in the news again and for good reasons. This man epitomizes the word success to the highest degree. Advising compensation committees is what he does best, which includes giving business advice to CEOs, corporations and management teams. Jeremy Goldstein also has a heart of gold as this extraordinary figure has helped to spread awareness for people who suffer with mental illness. On a global scale, mental illness affects nearly 450 million people. The numbers are rather staggering when being viewed on paper, and there’s no exclusion of race that doesn’t deal with this issue.


One of the ways that Goldstein has helped to spread awareness is by raising capital that’s used to support specific organizations that specialize in this field. In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein and two of his contemporaries hosted a lavish wine dinner in New York City. This fabulous wine dinner was filled with various high-profile figures. On a posh rooftop at New York’s NoMad Hotel, Goldstein was able to raise up to $56,000. This $56,000 will go toward fighting mental illness via Fountain House. This particular organization was actually founded back in 1944. Six patients from Rockland State Hospital formed a group and brought their ideas into fruition. The initial name of the group was reported to be known as “We Are Not Alone.”


Fountain House’s goal is to provide a progressive environment for learning, working and growing as an individual. This nonprofit organization is backed by a team of professionals, and Jeremy Goldstein just so happens to be on the Board of Directors. Members of Fountain House have shown great potential. Some of the members have gone on to work in the fields of horticulture, culinary and education. The employment rate for this organization is at 42 percent. On top of that, these special members are treated just like any other member by earning paychecks. Jeremy Goldstein is doing his part to better mankind. This popular lawyer is looking to do many more progressive things in the near future, and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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The Career of One Serge Christian Pierre Belamant Blockchain King

Besides being a French computer scientist, Serge Christian Pierre Belamant. He is also the founding patent holder of the blockchain technologies. His technology became what this man created, and from this, a myriad of cryptocurrencies emerged.

Serge Belamant came up with a technology that was adopted by the banks as well as governments. The technology allows both, as well as the private firms, to perform a number of activities. These could include depositing money, withdrawing it and securely do other money transactions, than the conventional way.

He has been a consultant at Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc from May 31, 2017. This is a position he had due to his broad experience in the field of operations research, artificial intelligence, biometrics, security and also on-line and off-line transaction processing systems.

Serge Belamant was the chief executive officer of Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc since October 2000 up until 2017 May, 31. Also, he has served as the consultant in the development of Chip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card from 1996 to 1997. Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was from October 1989 to 1995 September the managing director of the company called Net1 Universal Technologies in Australia.

The doctor has more than a decade worth of experience in computer science specifically in Control Data Corporation, and here he has scooped various international awards. You can recall the doctor from the design as well as development and implementation of the Saswitch ATM network. This achievement was in South Africa. To date, these rates as the world’s third largest ATM switching system. He has also patented a lot of inventions. To start with, what many people can remember him for is the FTS, gaming inventions and as talks above biometrics.

Serge Belamant has also served as the chairman of Net 1 Ueps Technologies, Inc. This post was held from 2003 February up until April 6 2017. He also served as this company’s director since May of 1997 to 2017 May 31. Currently, Dr. Serge Belamant is the director of MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions Limited and is also a board member to numerous companies which are closely linked to the smart card business.

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Becoming Jana Lightspeed

Lightspeed Venture Partners is an investment network that has provided backing to over 300 companies that have gone on to revolutionize the way society functions. Jana Messerschmidt is currently a Partner at the firm and she had been investing for years before becoming Jana Lightspeed in 2018. A graduate of the University of Illinois in Computer Engineering (in which she made up a part of only five per cent of the women that finished the programme), Jana believes that anyone in the field of tech operation should learn how to code for the sake of understanding the way gadgets work at the basic level.

Due to her experience, she served at Netflix as their director of business development where she was at the center of several aggressive business strategies that led to important partnerships for the company. This led to the growth and diversification of the company. Following this, she was the Vice President of Global Development of Twitter where she repeated her success and was at the center of affiliations with companies such as Apple and Google.

Also prior to becoming Jana Lightspeed, she was the founder of #ANGELS. This was born out of her vision and belief on the matter of women in technology. She believes that there is an imbalance in the gender ratio and that leads to the industry not realizing its full potential. She decided to provide a platform where women could have support for innovative tech ideas through investment in their startups.

While she has not left #ANGELS, she went on (after a short hiatus to refocus) to become Jana Lightspeed. After joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, she became more mainstream in the investment industry. She has stated that while her priority is being Lightspeed and investing on that front, she will continue to be a part of the support system for women at #ANGELS.


Barbara Stokes the CEO of Green Structure Homes

Barbara finished her University at Mercer University in 2001 where she undertook Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara also studied some other courses while still at Mercer including Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Structures, and Properties of Materials and Manufacturing and Management. She is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. The company is a registered Disaster Relief Construction Contractor which got started in 2008. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

It has helped develop temporary home designs that help in terms of safety, quality of materials and construction. Barbara stokes gained a lot of experience since she worked with government contracts after working with Pisces Corporation. Barbara says that she works closely with the team to get useful results. She also adds that Green Structure Homes is always coming up and looking for ways to make our homes safer and more comfortable.


When there is any disaster, Green Structure Homes help provide victims with quality buildings and materials that get used in rescue operations and better homes that help through any natural disaster. The buildings at Green Structure Homes has mostly been as a result of FEMA’s failure when there are natural disasters. It has advanced inventory management that helps them get ready for natural disasters before they occur. Read more about Barbara

Ashley Lightspeed: The Stanford Graduate Who Is Daring To Fly At Lightspeed

At Stanford, she was the vice president of the influential arts and media club. To her, she sees the world in terms of creations. This vision gives her an edge as a partner at Lightspeed Venture.

Ashley Lightspeed is tasked with the enviable task of discovering unicorns. Often, discoveries force you to scour through details to separate wheat within the heap of chaff—a task that is not so enviable. Sometimes you uncover the lies swept under the rag, and you have to be the bearer of bad news that Lightspeed will not invest.

To do the best at what she is tasked to do, she uses her experience and unique talents to discover a rare gem in a world of opportunistic founders. Lightspeed has invested in at least 15 start-ups on average every year since 2000. In the process, they have uncovered gems such as Telegram, Snap Inc. and Goop. They have invested in virtually every industry there is in the market. See article at

Her background is arts, media, and entertainment, but her passion goes beyond that. She wants to be a player in the creation of wonderful products. Great products bring customers who can guarantee the company a sustainable future. Entrepreneurs must recognize the value of creating a unique product that solves a pressing need.

When she meets entrepreneurs, she wants to see the real craft in the idea. Thanks to her insights, Lightspeed Venture continues to do well in the consumer investing area. Ashley Lightspeed brings in a wealth of traits necessary to make her succeed in her role as an investment partner.

Her Silicon Valley experience is diverse. She started Bain as a consultant. She did well there, and she even joined a senior level consulting team. At Thumbtack, she did the same to become the customer experience manager. Read more:

Desiree Perez Is Making Waves

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez, Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation has made a name for herself by making Billboard’s Top 100 Power list. Previously she made Billboard’s Women In Music list. The list is comprised of feedback from all aspects of the music industry. She has been in the music industry for over twenty years working alongside Jay-Z and being responsible for many other big artists’ popularity and fame. Throughout the entertainment industry, Desiree Perez has gained respect by the artists she works with and her peers. Her undaunted marketing and negotiating skills, has lead to record-breaking numbers in the music industry with artist tours and multimillion-dollar deals. She has had a hand in all aspects of Roc Nation activities from record pressing to searching out new talent.

She also takes an activist’s role when there is a cause she has compassion for as in 2018 by aiding in the release of Meek Mill from incarceration. Desiree Perez is an obvious powerhouse in the music industry and with all that she has accomplished thus far, only more amazing results can come from her future endeavors.

Article Title: Agera Energy Helps Consumers Cutting Off Expenses

In a world where some states offer so many restrictions, energy decisions become a complex financial problem. Unless entrepreneurs offer a new outlook in industry. This is exactly what Agera Energy did.

When the Agera realized energy consumers were having a had time matching numbers for their supplies, the company identified clear opportunity to solve a relevant problem. Most states where energy regulation is required do not offer residents enough alternatives to enjoy the benefits of different electricity and gas services.

However, Agera Energy managed to develop a business model that makes possible a service with better conditions. In 2019, Agera Energy is the most convenient solution in unregulated states to make substainable changes.

The most known features of Agera Energy are facts like saving much more in electricity bills, plan flexibility and , above all, smart consuming. Agera Energy helps people to avoid wasting unnecessary energy that results in additional costs.

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Article Title: Striking Gold With Organo Gold

Article Text:

Organo Gold is a worldwide network marketing company. The business model focuses on helping consumers find balance and well-being via exclusive products and business incentives. Bernardo Chua established the Organo Company during 2008 after realizing the power of network marketing and the positivity it brings.

The company focuses on beverages and personal care products that are distributed by independent employees of the company. Product samples are available to anyone interested in testing out Organo products. The company also partakes in charitable efforts with their OG Care Foundation. The non-profit sector of the organization aims to assist children with the chance to take part in community activities while sparking positive change.

Recent studies have found a correlation to drinking coffee and longer life. The study consisted of more than 180,000 American coffee drinkers being tested. The outcome of the studies revealed that drinking coffee lowered the drinker’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer name a few. These results were the same for caffeinated and decaf coffee drinkers. This theme spans across various populations with differentiating biologies. This means that coffee can improve health no matter what your race or location is. Coffee drinkers showed an 18% decrease of death compared to non-coffee drinkers throughout a 16 year study.

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The Successful Partnership Between Marvel and Riot Games

Ghostcrawler is the creative head at Riot Games. He recently confirmed that Riot Games would work with Marvel. The working relationship will bring about the “League of Legends.” The details about the partnership between Marvel and the Riot Games was publicized. Ghostcrawler was interviewed by DotEsports, and the details will be presented in the context below. Both Marvel and Riot Games have big plans for the “League of Legends.” The game will be developed as an IP. Nevertheless, not all the details were revealed about the big plans that are underway. Ghostcrawler, however, expressed his interest in forming a long working relationship with Marvel.

According to Riot Games, fans have become fond of the game characters in the “League of Legends.” The fans have been asking about the lifestyle that the characters have been subjected to within the game. Ghostcrawler promised to make sure that the fans will have an answer to each of their questions. However, some players do not have an interest in the story; they only care about playing the game. The storyline is quite deep, and it can help to come up with future content.

The first collaboration between Marvel and Riot Games brought about a comic known as “Ashe: Warmother.” Riot Games has also expressed an interest in making sure that there will be numerous comics about the “League of Legends.” Riot Games has ensured that there is a new story whenever they come up with new content about the “League of Legends.” Fans are also waiting to see whether the “big plan” by Riot Games will entail the use of an online RPG. Such expectations have come about after the Blizzard Entertainment used such a technique when expanding and exploring the “Warcraft” universe. The comics that will be produced as a result of the partnership between Marvel and Riot Games may be used to come up with other games in the future.

Isabel dos Santos Plans To Continue Her Investment Strategies In Portugal

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan entrepreneur, being at the helm of Unitel, the largest telecommunications company in Angola. She is considered to be among the most successful female business leaders in Africa, and her work led to the creation of more than 50,000 employment opportunities both in her home country as well as outside. Her investments expanded outside her country as well, which led to the creation of many holdings abroad. One particular country where she made substantial investments is Portugal, with her being part of the media, telecommunications, retail, energy industry, and financial industry.

In a recent statement made by the manager of Isabel dos Santos, Mário Leite da Silva it was revealed that the businesswoman has no exit scenarios when it comes to the investments made in Portugal. In addition, it was stated that the investments made are long-term, with the idea being to create value and qualified jobs. The statement was made by Dos Santos’ manager in the publication Business.

Isabel dos Santos’ career as an entrepreneur spans over more than 20 years, having had various management-level roles in a number of companies, from banks to retail organization to entertainment establishments. In addition, she also made efforts when it comes to the field of development, directing personal time and monetary support to a number of projects. One particular issue that she has focused on is the promotion of entrepreneurship, the goal being to encourage grassroots economic development, highlighting the efforts of African entrepreneurs and their efforts to contribute to the economy. See more Isabel Dos Santos profile on Forbes.

Being a successful businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos is part of a number of forums as well as other speaking engagements. She traveled to Brussels in order to speak before the EU Parliament and also took part in the ECR Africa Summit. She is an advocate for the importance of the development of digital infrastructure in Africa, an issue she brought up during the ECR Africa Summit. She believes that one way to improve the wellbeing of Africa is to set up opportunities which would allow people to use the internet in order to compete within the international economy. Read more: