How Doe Deere and Lime Crime Revolutionized The Beauty World

Doe Deere, the Russian-born mastermind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics, proves to us that our ambition can take us anywhere. She isn`t afraid to show off her unique style and incorporate it into her passion for makeup. Her story sets the example that, with some determination and a lot of heart, anything is possible.

Firstly, her tale begins in Russia, even from a young age Doe was a bit of a business woman. At age 13 she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates and found a very effective way to do so. She started by showing them off on her own body and soon enough everyone wanted to jump on the band wagon. Her individual fashion sense, and personal experience, has since helped her flourish her career in business to a worldwide level.

By 2008, Doe had been living in New York City as a musician. She had always been a fan of fun and bright colors, however, they were proven difficult for her to find in the world of makeup. She then decided to create her own makeup line, Lime Crime,that featured the array of flashy colors she gravitated towards. To Doe`s surprise, many other women were interested in these vivid colors as well, which made her company profitable.

Not only does Lime Crime offer a look that most other companies don`t, but it has a great message behind it. Doe believes that, “We express ourselves by what we put on our bodies”. Because of this belief, Lime Crime has become a brand that helps women portray how they feel through their makeup.

With their mission being to revolutionize makeup itself, it is not a difficult brand to get behind. Being a pioneer in digitally-native makeup companies, Lime Crime has managed to take the internet by storm. They have created many mainstream must-haves that other brands try to mimic, with each product being vegan and cruelty-free.

In conclusion, Lime Crime has really set a new standard for cosmetics. Doe has been able to turn dream into reality by setting her ideas into motion. Now, almost ten years later, her company has helped inspire women world-wide to express themselves without the fear of being judged.

CEO Tony Petrello Is Among The Best-Paid CEOS

CEO Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries Ltd is a loving husband to Cynthia Petrello with whom they have a daughter called Carena Francesca. He is a mathematician and a lawyer by profession. Tony has worked at Nabors Industries for the last 26 years.

Tony’s Daughter, Carena Francesca

Being a premature infant, Carena Francesca was weighing 20 ounces and had a disorder identified as Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). PVL is characterized by inadequate or lack of oxygen supply to the brain. The doctors at Houston Women’s Hospital did all they could to save Carena’s sight and heart, but they were unable to save her from cerebral palsy. She now lives without speech and can’t feed herself.

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Tony Petrello was compelled by his daughter’s condition to start a philanthropic movement with the aim of finding solutions to childhood neurological diseases. In 2006, Tony and his wife mobilized funds to the tune of $7 million for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Dan Duncan and his wife, Jan Duncan, collaborated with Tony and Cynthia to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to many healthcare facilities in Houston. Some of the notable recipients of these donations include Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony’s Total Compensation as at 2015

According to proxy statements from Nabors Industries, Tony received a total of $27.5 million in executive bonuses for the 2015 fiscal year. This figure was calculated by adding his salary, bonuses, stock, and all his other small compensations.

Why Tony was not the Top Earner In 2014

Tony Petrello topped the list of the best-paid CEOs in 2011, 2012, and 2013. However, in 2014, he did not appear on the list of highly paid CEOs since Nabors Industry revised its compensation traditions, slashing the severance pay for executives to only thrice their salary and bonus.

Sam Tabar Joins FullCycle Energy Fund to Supervise the Fund’s Management Strategy

Late last year, the PRNewswire reported about FullCycle Energy Fund’s appointment of Sam Tabar as its Chief Operating Officer. The new position required Tabar to oversee, the fund management strategy of the company.

In response to the appointment, Sam Tabar expressed his appreciation and eagerness to partners with the rest of the executive team in achieving the company’s objectives. One of the objectives of FullCycle Energy Fund is to shift from polluting and expensive fuels to environmentally friendly and affordable ones.

Sam Tabar’s past role in other company such as the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, The SPARX Group as well as several law firms such as Skadden, made him a suitable candidate for the position. As a private venture capitalist, Tabar boasts of his investment in various companies such as the SheThinx.

FullCycle Energy Fund

The FullCycle Fund came into inception in 2013 with an objective to develop and fund projects, which revolutionize human being’s relationship with waste products. Some of its projects involve converting high-cost environmental issues into clean, and valuable fuels that can be utilized by communities across the global divide.

A Look at Sam Tabar

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar is prominently known as an avid lawyer and capital strategist. His career began at the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP immediately after graduating from the Columbia Law School. He played a very critical role at Skadden, as he advised the vast clientele regarding investment management agreements, hedge fund formation and structure, employment issues, side letters, private placement memoranda and many others.

Tabar has also worked for other entities such as SPARX Group’s PMA Investment Advisor whereby he served as the Co-Head of Business Development and as the company’s Managing Director.

In the past, Sam Tabar also worked for the Bank of America Merrill lynch whereby he serve in the capacity of Head of Capital Strategy, specifically for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Apart from his legal practice at Skadden, he also joined another legal firm, Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Tabar boasts of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Oxford University as well as a Masters of Law degree from the Columbia Law School.

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EOS Outshines Chapstick

How many cylinder tubes of this lip balm have you used over the years? Chapstick has been the top name in lip balm for more than 100 years now, with the Blistex brand its only competition. Chapstick worked for minor chapped lip issues, but was lackluster and boring according to most standards.

In 2009 , EOS signed an agreement with Walgreens. The orb-shaped lip balms quickly filled the shelves of the Racked pharmacy, where the likes of Allure and Cosmo beauty editors discovered them and told the world. Soon, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and many other celebs were seen with their Orbs.

Fast forward seven years, and now EOS has done something that many thought impossible. The EOS lip balm brand became a better-selling lip balm than Chapstick. Yes, in just seven short years, EOS lip balm became the preferred brand of lip balm, beating out the name that everyone knew and trusted for so long.

What did the Lip Balm Company do that helped them beat out the Chapstick brand?  The orb-shape was certainly welcomed and a welcomed change in contrast to the Chapstick tube. Flavors of EOS lip balm are also exciting, giving the lips a taste sensation with each use. And, of course, the organic ingredients inside of the product attract most people who worry about what they are putting on their skin. EOS strives to keep up with the latest trends and improve their product whenever possible.

EOS gave consumers the change they were looking for, and continues to leave impressions everywhere it goes.


Helane Morrison Healing The Financial Sector

Currently, Helane Morrison works at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco as the (MD) Managing Director and (CCO) Chief Compliance Officer. In Northwestern University, Helane graduated with a Degree in journalism. Later on, she pursued Law from the University Of California School Of Law. Ms. Morrison did a stint of a year from 1984 to 85 as a law clerk for Hon. Richard Posen of the US Court of Appeal After passing the bar. For a tenure of a decade, Helane worked for the law firm known as Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She got elevated to a partner in 1991. Her work in matters dealing with the SEC, business litigation and defense of private securities got her the promotion. In 2007, Morrison got a side venture at Hall Capital Partners LLC. Currently, she serves as the Managing Director of the firm.


Female leadership made Hall Capital possess over $25 billion in assets. The company also manages finances of the richest families in U S. President Sarah Stein, and Co-Chief Investment Officer Kathryn Hall help Helane in facilitating equal financial workplace platforms internationally.


Lots of people lost their confidence in the financial industry due to 2008 economic crash, but Ms. Morrison is one intelligent lady who has brought about a great impact in the compliance field. Prior to working for Hall Capital, Ms. Morrison was the head of (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission at the office in San Francisco.


Morrison Helane stood on behalf of the SEC on issues concerning government agencies, legal issues, financial communities and business relations. During her stint at Securities and Exchange Commission, Helane worked on fraud cases that touched top executives from big firms like Hewlett-Packard, HBO, NextCard Incorporated, and Google. She also made public the sale of false securities by an insurance firm known as the American Amicable to over 45,000 military workers.


Ms. Morrison is also an occasional speaker on legal matters brought about by investment advisories and issues to deal with compliance. Helane Morrison is also a member of the Board of the American Bar Association in Regional Parks Foundation.


At the University of Northwestern in Illinois is where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law that is where she earned her J D in Law. Both of these studies are what has made her always dedicated to publishing all the evils circling financial institutions.