Evaluating Services Offered by Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


Nationwide Tile Clearing Inc. recently responded to claims that had been raised concerning defects on titles bought via online ordering. This had become a matter of great concern in the real estate scene. Many individuals feel that it is a major cause of wrongful foreclosures. Others opine that it contributes to the stagnation of what would have otherwise been a smooth and uneventful transition of assets in the secondary market.


The firm’s high ranking executives point out that property records are crucial since they ensure that there is a smooth title conveyance. Besides this, it reduces the inability to foreclose, and the risk of buyback. NTC is a leading document processing and research firm, which serves the financial and mortgage industry. The company has put in place measures to ensure that its website is regularly updated. This makes it easy for clients to have access to property reports.


Invalid Titles


Title defects mostly occur when an entity or an individual claims property owned by another party. A title can similarly be rendered invalid if the ownership documents are not in compliance with real estate regulations in a particular area. Failure to include an owner’s signature in the title can also make it invalid. A property title can also be rendered invalid if encumbrances and previous liens attached to it are not removed. Generally, a property’s title must be lien-free for it to be marketable. Failure to abide by all the filing and recording procedures when real estate documents are being recorded can equally warrant the cancellation of a property’s title.


Extensive Research


NTC’s Chief Executive Officer, John Hillman asserts that his organization is committed to ensuring that clients have access to updated property reports whenever they need them. The company bases its report services on actual and factual land records. The company’s extensive database allows clients to access information about most residential properties in the United States. NTC relies on multiple sources to obtain its data. It mainly counts on the counties, which furnish it with this info. This has given NTC the capacity to serve some of the most notable lenders in the country.


About NTC


Since its formation in 1991, the company has distinguished itself by offering exceptional research services to individual real estate investors, mortgage firms, and other lending institutions. NTC has presence in more than 3600 counties in the United States.

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FreedomPop Review of Basics of Internet Service

If you are someone who is on a budget and are looking for a phone service that is affordable, Freedom Pop is something that you should look into. If you do not have the demand for a ton of usage on the internet either thru streaming, data or even browsing, then you should consider the idea of Freedom Phone Service. You will purchase the modem and router upfront and then you will have a limited amount of data usage each month.


Let’s look at the basics of FreedomPop Review.


Freedom Pop offers its users the ability to connect to the internet at a much less price than what others pay. You will have speeds that are slightly slower than other companies however if you are simply browsing the web, this is the best option for you. There is even a free plan where you will only need to pay for the equipment that is being used. There are very few companies who are able to offer this same type of service for the low rate.


If you are worried that you might be reaching your limit, there is a data usage warning that is going to tell you when you are nearing the internet limit. Currently they are working on a way that you will receive a message via text message telling you the same thing. This will help to ensure that you are not going over your limit and spending more money on the internet usage.


If you are getting close to your limit and still want to have internet access, you will be able to purchase additional data. This option a lot of users enjoy since it allows them to have more or less depending on the amount of surfing and browsing they are doing. This option is great for people who are older and do not use the internet much as well as others who want to cut back on their monthly expenses.

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The NTC Makes Title Defects a Thing of the Past

Title defects can cause a wide range of issues within the real estate market from delayed transaction of assets within the secondary market to wrongful foreclosures, which has become an increasingly growing issue over the years and has prompted the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) to take action.


Title defects occur for a variety of reasons, including inappropriate wording, or wording that is not in compliance with the standards of real estate for that area, or neglecting to adhere to proper filing or recording procedures when recording real estate papers; however, they typically occur when an entity or person asserts their title or right to a property that is owned by someone else. A title defect can also occur when a party that is necessary to the transaction, such as a spouse, fails to include a signature. Encumbrances, such as previous liens, can also render a title invalid.


According to the NTC, the key to ensuring a clear title convergence lies in securing executives’ property records. In doing so, defects can be addressed before the property is transferred or sold, which reduces the risk of inability to foreclose or buyback. Therefore, the NTC has made the following reports readily available for order online:



  • Current Owner Report (O&E-Ownership & Encumbrances Report)
  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Tax Status Report


In addition, it couples automation with human verification and even recognizes the financial affect of a report when a client orders too many or irrelevant documents, for further accuracy. The NTC’s success has enabled them to service some of the top lenders in the U.S. and under the most extreme compliance regulations.


About the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC)


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., a privately held Palm Harbor, Florida company founded in 1991, provides leading research and expert document process services to residential mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, and investors, in addition to in-depth training on the foundation of residential mortgage finance. They also offer best practice standards training to mortgage services, lenders, and investors in the United States.


Its services include current owner/O and E, lien release and assignments, research services, including final document processing, abstractor services, and document retrieval, reports, including assignment verification, tax status reports, audits and remediation, including collateral file audits and remediation services, and more.

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