Vinod Gupta And His Contribution To Giving Back To The Community


Vinod Gupta originates from New Delhi, the small Indian village which has limited primary resources such as cars, water, and electricity. Vinod pursued his education at a college in Nebraska where he graduated with Agricultural Engineering degree. While in school, he was lucky to get an opportunity to work with a couple of professors.

After Vinod Gupta completed his education, he worked for various companies before establishing a private company but later sold it for massive fortune. He has also realized how to quickly find companies via yellow pages and did it successfully to the satisfaction of various businesses that paid him back for his incredible contribution. He is the CEO of the Everest Group, and his interest is mainly to pay back the community via donation.

As mentioned earlier, Vinod Gupta has made his way up right from a humble background as he was an Indian kid with limited resources and chances to shine and excel. He got his first job with Commodore Corporation where he served as a research analyst prior to becoming his boss.

Vinod Gupta launched a private company by the name American Business Information which later became InfoUSA. The primary objective of the company is to help businesses in marketing and increase their probability to get new customers. Vinod then sold out the company for a great fortune prior to becoming the Everest Group’s Managing Partner in the technology department. Go Here for more information.

To fulfill Gupta’s desires in giving paying back the community, Vinod Gupta built several schools in poor communities in India and financed various programs and courses for a couple of colleges. As a businessman, he donated 1 million US Dollars to a women’s school by the name Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnique. Besides, he has granted some money to the establishment of school’s libraries in conjunction with financing programs in both law and business.