Vijay Eswaran Shares Advice And His Experience With New Graduates

Vijay Eswaran, the founder and CEO of the Qi Group, thinks that it’s important that graduates be taught to create job not just seek them. He urges graduates looking for their first jobs to look for posted jobs that match their qualifications. He said students should follow their inspiration, take some risks and start their own businesses.

Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran has said that conservative thinking tends to lead students to try to work for someone before going out and getting work experience on their own. People are primarily job seekers working for one chain or another.

Eswaran said the business world is changing rapidly and automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are taking over. He said students from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China are more willing to seek experience first and create jobs and get other people to work for them. People then have to choose between taking a job with an established firm or a startup.

Eswaran said they should consider the pros and cons of each work environment and which one best suits their personality and preferences. He said learning about the various stages of development of a business is helpful whether its an established corporation or a startup. Read more: Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy

Vijay Eswaran said startups require students to learn how to be both leaders and team members. The beauty of startups is people can create ideas and see them through with little or no delegation. Working with a startup is fast-paced, ever-changing, action filled and has more free flowing communication than the more structured corporate environment. No one is inherently better, Eswaran explained.

There will always be things to complain about. He said people have to decide which type of environment better helps them to work towards their career goals.

Eswaran was speaking at a Universiti Malaya student’s forum where he shared his experience about building the QI Group from nothing into a network marketing juggernaut. He explained that some people do better when employing an ever-evolving, ‘think-outside-the-box-type’ mentality, while other prefer working methodically in a structured environment. The key is the persons needs, personality and work style.

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