Vijay Eswaran and The Importance Of Vegetarian Diets

The meat industry is large, providing a lot of the food for the mainstream diets that much of the world consumes. But in many circles, plant-based diets have started to become more popular and that has been seen through large scale investments in companies such as the plant-based meat and dairy substitute company, Impossible Foods. Vijay Eswaran, an Executive Chairman for the QI Group of Companies, recently wrote an article about the idea that we could help many economies around the world by changing to a plant-based solution. Vijay is seen as reputable since QI Group is a company known through Asia for their many different business lines such as e-commerce, leisure, and luxury lines that have made them successful.

Vijay Eswaran explains that he was born into his vegetarian lifestyle as he grew up with family never eating meat as well. While promoting a vegetarian lifestyle inside his company, he believes that he shouldn’t be forcing it upon his employees. Nonetheless, he believes an approach around the world based off a study that plant-based eating could help economies alongside the health of a population. Another very important part that Vijay brings up about the importance of switching to a more vegetarian diet is how much the meat industry affects our environment. While some think emissions from animals themselves are being overblown, a lot of the concerns actually come from everything around them. For example, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has found that 30% of the land on the planet is used for producing meat when it’s not covered by ice. This adds up in emissions when you total together with vehicles coming to bring animal feed and then constantly delivering meat to plants. By transforming the world to have a vegetarian lifestyle, we can help economies and our planet prosper.