Victoria Doramus Continues To Improve The World By Supporting Many Different Important Charitable Organizations

Victoria Doramus is a woman who has committed a good part of her life to supporting some of the most important charitable organizations. She is from New York City and has decided to focus a good portion of her attention to helping out those in her community. Doramus is passionate about helping human beings and animals, alike, and now uses all of her skills in order to do so.

Victoria Doramus has chosen to support the Best Friends Animal Society because she knows that many animals just need a helping hand. This nonprofit has been around since the 1980s and is in operation to help put a stop to the senseless killing of animals in animal shelters all over the United States. Doramus knows that we can do better as a society, and she has been helping the nonprofit to find loving homes for cats and dogs.

Victoria Doramus also supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is a charitable organization that functions to help younger people who are dealing with drug issues. Doramus struggled herself with addiction when she was younger and understands the importance of warning youngsters about the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol. The foundation was set up after Amy Winehouse lost her life to drugs, and it has helped many young people to get their life back on track.

Victoria Doramus has also found the time to support the Women’s Prison Association, which represents thousands of women in New York prisons and jails. Most of these women are minorities who have faced a lot of difficulties during their lives. Doramus supports this charity because it helps these women by finding them safe housing, and it also works to help them combat their addiction.

Victoria Doramus also currently works with the charitable organization known as Room to Read. This nonprofit focuses on helping millions of kids who come from poor countries. Many of these children are girls who need help the most, and Doramus helps support their efforts to finish secondary school. Children from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordan, and many other countries have benefited from the work the charity has done. For more information, visit here: