Using Securus Technologies to Eliminate Prison Crimes

While it might be wishful thinking to eliminate all crimes from the prison, it is certainly becoming a possibility with the resources now available to officers. My job inside the local jail is trying to maintain order so that the inmates, the staff, all the officers, and even the guests are not in harm’s way. While we try hard each day to eliminate threats, it can be a real struggle when you know the inmates are outnumbering you and have more time on their hands to plan these activities.


When we first heard about Securus Technologies, we discovered they were already up and running in thousands of other jails around the country, and we needed to get on board. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, understands that officers need as many resources as possible to maintain order, and his system is designed to do the work of many officers at once. The thousand employees working for Smith are all aware of the objective of the company, creating a safer planet for all.


Once we contacted Securus Technologies and had the system installed, we were ready to learn how the LBS software worked. The software does the work of half my team, scanning inmate calls for anything related to drugs, weapons, or illegal contraband. If the sytem is picking up on that type of chatter, we get the alert instantly and spring into action instead of waiting for the situation to unfold.


This year already the system has alerted my team to when an inmate is bragging on the phone about doing drugs at night. The system notified us when an inmate asked his mother to sneak him some prescription drugs so he could sell them for money for the commissary. These incidents are on the decline now thanks to Securus Technologies.