The Successful Partnership Between Marvel and Riot Games

Ghostcrawler is the creative head at Riot Games. He recently confirmed that Riot Games would work with Marvel. The working relationship will bring about the “League of Legends.” The details about the partnership between Marvel and the Riot Games was publicized. Ghostcrawler was interviewed by DotEsports, and the details will be presented in the context below. Both Marvel and Riot Games have big plans for the “League of Legends.” The game will be developed as an IP. Nevertheless, not all the details were revealed about the big plans that are underway. Ghostcrawler, however, expressed his interest in forming a long working relationship with Marvel.

According to Riot Games, fans have become fond of the game characters in the “League of Legends.” The fans have been asking about the lifestyle that the characters have been subjected to within the game. Ghostcrawler promised to make sure that the fans will have an answer to each of their questions. However, some players do not have an interest in the story; they only care about playing the game. The storyline is quite deep, and it can help to come up with future content.

The first collaboration between Marvel and Riot Games brought about a comic known as “Ashe: Warmother.” Riot Games has also expressed an interest in making sure that there will be numerous comics about the “League of Legends.” Riot Games has ensured that there is a new story whenever they come up with new content about the “League of Legends.” Fans are also waiting to see whether the “big plan” by Riot Games will entail the use of an online RPG. Such expectations have come about after the Blizzard Entertainment used such a technique when expanding and exploring the “Warcraft” universe. The comics that will be produced as a result of the partnership between Marvel and Riot Games may be used to come up with other games in the future.