The RealReal is the Real Deal for Luxury Consignment

With online shopping taking over the average consumer experience, secondhand online shopping was inevitable. A popular consignment app called TheRealReal puts authenticated luxury items literally at your fingertips and only a few clicks away. TheRealReal began in 2011 as a small offline consignment business from the home of founder and CEO, Julie Wainwright. The company’s tremendous growth can be attributed to The RealReal having brick and mortar stores in addition to an appealing online presence.

One glance at their Instagram page and it’s obvious that they are serious about the lifecycle of luxury products. A recent post featuring a single Manolo Blahnik high heel has garnered almost 4000 likes and has followers swooning over the coveted shoe brand. A brand new pair of these shoes comes with a $1000 price tag, so finding a pair at a discount is a dream come true for many.

The RealReal has no qualms about revealing their love for animals and offers luxury items for beloved pets. Another Instagram post introduces followers to a small dog named Bean. Bean is described as a lover of Louis Vuitton collars and Hermès leashes with an accompanying photo to prove it. Designer accessories and clothing for animals can be found on The RealReal website and are astonishingly fast movers.

Some may argue that there are already widely used websites and apps for secondhand shopping, but what makes The RealReal a true standout is their authentication process. They have a team of trained professionals working around the clock to ensure that all items are authentic and in top condition. Any counterfeit items are destroyed and not returned to the consignor, which reinforces their commitment to being the real deal. This commitment instills confidence in shoppers and has been vital in customer retention as well as revolutionizing the consignment experience.